NFT concept

According to a Klaytn press release from 24 May, the KrafterSpace service will enable users to instantly mint an NFT on the Klaytn blockchain simply by uploading an image or a video file. The process will not incur any gas fees and users will be able to display their NFTs on the main page on the platform.

GroundX, a subsidiary of Kakao and the company behind Klaytn, said that KrafterSpace can be accessed through Kaikas, the web browser extension that connects to the Klaytn network. Users will be able to store NFTs within their Kaikas accounts.

The wallet has integrated with OpenSea, the industry’s largest NFT marketplace, enabling users to sync their OpenSea accounts with Kaikas and trade Klaytn-powered NFTs directly from their wallets. Klaytn is the first public blockchain platform after Ethereum to be supported by OpenSea, the company said in the release. 


Jason Han, the CEO of Ground X, said that the platform will enable Klaytn users to interact with the larger NFT community worldwide. 

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