ICOs Raised, on Average, More Than $12 Million in October

Data from CoinSchedule shows that 67 ICOs raised a total of $821,773,938 USD in October this year. This means that, on average, ICOs raised about $12.2 million during a month that can only be described as stagnant.

Of course, the top performing ICOs such as Neluns, Orch Network, and INGOT Coin, who respectively raised $136 million, $37 million, and $40 million, really upped the average bar for all ICOs in October.

It is important to note here that, these stats include only projects listed on CoinSchedule. However, CoinSchedule is one of the biggest initial coin offering listing sites, so any ICO that wants to raise any decent amount of funds gets listed there.


Back on the topic at hand, the lowest any ICO raised in October is Citizen Health, which managed to reach the “humble” $118,887. Aside from Citizen Health, 5 other ICOs raised less than $1 million in October. All of the remaining 61 managed to go over that 7-figure threshold.

These stats are really encouraging considering the dormant October market. Hopefully, this new wave of bear market ICO projects will perform much better than their “predecessors”, considering the significantly increased critical approach investors take towards initial coin offerings nowadays.