Huobi Group vice president of global business Ciara Sun and executive advisors on fragile states at World Vision Jonathan Papoulidis
Huobi Group vice president of global business Ciara Sun and executive advisors on fragile states at World Vision Jonathan Papoulidis. Jonathan Papoulidis

As part of the Davos 2020 forum, Huobi Group introduced its all-new digital asset brokerage platform – Huobi Brokerage. As the premier brokerage solution coming from the popular blockchain group, it will offer digital asset trading services and products to institutional clients and individuals with a high net worth.

Huobi set up its Global Institutional Business (GIB), formed a new team and a business line of services and products that are aimed at institutional clients in November 2019. Huobi Brokerage is actually the premier product to be announced as part of the new GIB division, but on the other hand is just the most recent addition to an expanding suite of market-driven crypto and blockchain products, part of Huobi’s portfolio.

Ciara Sun, Vice President of Global Business at Huobi Group shared:


“There’s an industry-wide consensus that institutional investors and HNWIs will be the major contributors of growth for the crypto economy in 2020 and beyond, but barriers like low liquidity and a lack of asset enhancement products are stalling widespread adoption. By introducing institutional-grade products and liquidity solutions that cater to the needs of institutions and eliminate existing barriers, we’re aiming to help drive the entire crypto economy forward.”

Huobi Brokerage uses state-of-the-art trading algorithms and smart order routing (SOR) to grant access to high-quality liquidity pools, a regulated fiat channel, competitive prices and a solution for OTC trading that includes everything necessary. Via the brokerage, users will be able to enter real-time trade quotes and instant price locks.

In addition, the platform can handle high-volume block transactions between leading cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, including BTC, USDT, PAX, HUSD, USDC and TUSD. Q1 2020 should see support for ETH, BCH, EOS, LTC, and XRP as well.

When talking about liquidity solutions, Huobi Brokerage offers exchange liquidity aggregation, over-the-counter liquidity, as well as customized financing facilities. Some of the services in the pipeline, which should start rolling out in Q2 2020 are custodian services, alpha products, and interest rate products.

During her Davos 2020 talk on the evolution of the financial markets, Huobi’s Sun shared:

“2019 brought the first wave of institutional interest but 2020 is when we expect to see the industry mature with growing demand. As we enter the next phase of crypto, Huobi is taking an active role in setting new standards for institutional and retail clients alike.”

The numbers say it all – Huobi’s GIB division was established in Q3 2019 and since then its institutional business has increased by a stunning 400%, to 1,700 institutional clients. The division now has offices in London, Hong Kong, and Singapore and will be one of Huobi’s biggest priorities in 2020.

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