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In a press release published on 12 September, Huobi Global announced the launch of the fourth Huobi Primepool. First introduced in July this year, Primepool is an initiative that offers users a way to participate in the ecological development of projects listed on Huobi Global.

The program has seen huge success among user since its launch. The first project to get listed on Primepool was DeFine, an NFT-based decentralized social network, which paved the way for other projects looking to raise funds through the platform. The third Primepool event saw the highest APY for users to date, with over 7,263%, and attracted 33,100 people from 108 countries.

Ciara Sun, the Head of Listing and Blockchain Investments at Huobi Global, said that despite starting only a few months ago, Primepool has already grown to become the Huobi community’s favorite program.


“Our community is up-to-date on the latest trends in the space, therefore they’re keen to see what new projects will be listed through the program. 

Structure Finance (STF), a platform that supports the creation of different financial products for cryptocurrencies, will be the spotlight project for the fourth Primepool event. Coinbase said it has thoroughly evaluated STF and the event will commence on 13 September. Users will be able to lock their Huobi Token (HT) and TALK tokens in exchange for a chance to win a part of the 1.98 million STF token prize pool, which is set to be listed on the Huobi exchange on 16 September. 

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