Visa and MasterCard cards

According to a press release published on 25 April, this is part of Huobi Gibraltar’s ongoing strategy to expand to the European market. The company has so far integrated points of access for users in the U.K. and the European Union looking to enter the crypto market. 

Ciara Sun, the vice president of global markets at Huobi Group, said the company’s goal is to empower 100 million households worldwide to own digital assets. This means providing a faster, easier, and more secure way for new users to get started.

“As we bolster our global presence and expand into new markets, we will continue adding new fiat on-ramps to give all users a frictionless onboarding experience.”


Users of Huobi Gibraltar can choose a fiat currency on the exchange’s “Quick Buy/Sell” page and select the cryptocurrency asset and payment method they’d like to use for the purchase. Between 23 April and 19 May, holders of Spain-issued MasterCard and Visa cards are eligible for a 1.32% transaction fee when purchasing cryptocurrencies. 

The company noted that users do not need to be Spanish nationals but are required to use Spanish-issued Visa or MasterCard with enabled international transactions. 

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