The technology company that generates VR worlds and digital simulations of real places, Sensorium Corporation has just announced that it is listing Senso Token on HitBTC. Following the recent listing of Sensorium’s digital currency on KuCoin, including it on one of the oldest, but also most advanced cryptocurrency platforms like HitBTC shows that the Cayman Islands registered corporation has serious plans to extend its operations.

Sensorium Corporation also wants to engage its users more intensely with its leading 3D social VR platform – Sensorium Galaxy. Through one of the most favored cryptocurrency exchanges out there, users will be able to use the Senso Token for ‘in-game’ Sensorium Galaxy purchases.

Created in 2013, HitBTC has more than 800 trading pairs and offers exchange, custodial and other services through REST, WebSocket and FIX APIs. Some of the benefits that HitBTC brings are a user interface that was created with the idea to meet the demands of even the most complex traders, very rigid security procedures, encryption technology, and 2-factor authentication.


On the other hand, third-party developers can use the token to build tailored events and environments for the 3D virtual world. When it comes to commerce – SENSO/USDT is the supported trading pair.

Sensorium Corporation is creating virtual simulations of globally famous real-life venues and digital worlds, partnering with the very same concert venues, festivals and clubs of course. Until now the project has secured an investment of around $70 million, coming from firms in the entertainment and gaming industries.

“This listing on HitBTC reflects our ambitious growth plans,” shared Brian Kean, Sensorium Corporation’s Chief Communication Officer. “We are in negotiations with world-leading artists and venues to create 3D social experiences unique to Sensorium Galaxy and as such as the platform develops we are anticipating millions of users worldwide. The HitBTC listing will provide these users with the means to buy and sell within the games. It also follows a recent listing on the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange, both of which reflect our strong commitment to and ardent belief in the significant future of cryptocurrencies.”

Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, the Senso token meets the network’s ERC20 technical standard.

Peter Swen from the marketing team of HitBTC commented on the new listing:

“As a company fully committed to the advancement and growth of financial technology we are pleased to integrate the Senso Token into our platform. The inroads that the Sensorium Corporation is making into the digital gaming space are significant and as our industry expands we look forward to working with the Sensorium team.”

The Sensorium Galaxy social virtual reality platform is currently developed by Sensorium Corporation and Redpill VR and provides seamless streaming of virtual reality content to users all over the world. The platform delivers multi-user access to 3D virtual environments such as concerts, parties or other events. Through their avatars, users will be able to interact with each other and buy content.