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According to a blog post published on 12 July, Harvest Finance has launched V2 of its yield farming platform with a revitalized UX/UI and several new features. 

Harvest’s main dashboard now features a dynamic search box that adjusts the list of strategies without refreshing the website. The dashboard also has a pre-made filter section making it easier for users to sort their visible strategies according to asset names, APYs, total deposits, and balances. 

The company said it has also improved the UI for the process of depositing in Harvest’s vaults. While an official ZapperFi integration is set to be introduced soon, users can now use Uniswap V3 single asset deposits directly through the dashboard. Harvest said the fast development pace of the DeFi industry and its organizational structure make it hard to make special commitments, which is why it decided against publishing a regular roadmap.


“Harvest aims to become a one-stop-shop and a one-click solution for yield farming, and today‚Äôs update helps us to achieve this goal faster,” the company said in the blog post.

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