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On October 14, Forbes announced that nominations for their Blockchain 50 list are now being accepted. The annual list is comprised of the top billion-dollar enterprises in the blockchain sector, which are working towards improving applications of blockchain by finding new ways to streamline business processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce fraud.

According to Forbes, this year alone more than 20 institutional investors have filed documents with the SEC to disclose their investments into various blockchain companies, with payments giant Square investing $50 million in Bitcoin. Members of previous versions of the list include Amazon, Facebook, Royal Dutch Shell, Daimler, and the second-largest bank in the world, China Construction Bank.

In order to file their application, candidates for the 2021 Forbes Blockchain 50 list will have to fill out a nomination form in “as great detail as possible” before November 6. According to the announcement, advanced blockchain prototypes with engaged infrastructure can qualify as a list member, with live blockchain applications being prioritized.


“Once the nomination period ends, a team of Forbes staff reporters with specialties in a wide variety of industries will sort through the nominees, looking for the most mature blockchain programs run by the most talented teams in the world. Winners are expected to be revealed in a 2021 magazine issue, and online,” the announcement said.

The Forbes Blockchain 50 list aims to showcase the biggest and most promising projects in the blockchain industry. In the past, some of the most significant investments in blockchain have been noted in the list by corporations like Facebook and Twitter, with new competition coming next year.