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Fantom network becomes the pilot partner of Orion Protocol’s Wallet Swap SDK, enabling its users to access cross-chain liquidity directly from their wallet, Fantom announced on 12 April.

According to the press release, the Orion Wallet Swap SDK will allow FTM holders to access Orion Protocol’s cross-chain liquidity through a swap widget directly integrated within the wallet’s interface. In addition, users will no longer have to browse through exchanges looking for the best price for their assets thanks to Orion’s aggregated order books, which will always place orders at the best market price. The CEO of Fantom, Michael Kong, said in a statement:

“A collaboration between Orion and Fantom is one of the most sensible ways to improve the user experience across the ecosystem. We believe that the logical step for every ecosystem that grows to size is to use aggregators; these tools allow builders to focus on their niche while aggregators service the mainstream user.”


As part of the partnership, Orion will also integrate the Fantom blockchain into its protocol, bringing it one step closer to “achieving a truly chain-agnostic gateway to the entire digital asset market”. The Orion Protocol seeks to “solve the fragmentation of crypto markets”, enabling users to access decentralised trading directly from their wallet of choice. The aggregator platform is working on creating a decentralised platform that can bring liquidity across DEXs, CEXs and swap pools all into one place.

Orion has further claimed that its Wallet SWAP SDK will let users swap their crypto without leaving their wallet, use liquidity from different exchanges without the need of an account, and allow for the least slippage on the market. The Fantom and Orion teams are expecting for the integration to go live sometime in the third quarter of 2021.

Last month, the Fantom Foundation revealed its plans to enter the CBDC market through its blockchain, which was presented to the United Nation’s Digital Currency Global Initiative‚Äôs CBDC Architecture Group on 11 March. At the time, Fantom announced its “speed, low transaction costs, and high throughput” not only make it ideal for DeFi applications, but for traditional market use cases as well.

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