A technician of South Korean telecom operator KT checks an antenna for the 5G mobile network
A technician of South Korean telecom operator KT checks an antenna for the 5G mobile network service on the rooftop of a building in Seoul on April 4, 2019. JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images

The stem of new technologies we are seeing nowadays is a constant source of change and innovation. Two of the new era’s emerging trends, blockchain and 5G, are expected to massively depend on each other for their impact.

The high speed that 5G brings will effectively negate the blockchain deficiencies in terms of data transmission, while blockchain’s security will have major influence over the business processes of 5G technologies.

As the old obstacles are removed, new issues arise such as how to transform the old business model and advance the development of 5G. EMU is offering solutions, looking at things from a different angle, specifically to introduce value to the ecosystem, bringing together public chain and 5G apps, the company announced in a press release.


EMU is a completely digital environment based on “blockchain+5G”. It is creating a multi-domain digital public chain, that incorporates within itself digital assets and transactions, 5G, AI as well as IoT.

With the efforts of a professional technical team, CCT brings forward the security, efficiency, capacity, and throughput of the public chain. Along with the technical notion of “blockchain+5G” CCT has introduced an enhanced process for the development of “digital intelligent” trade and allowed the environment of blockchain tech to prosper.

Being blockchain-based, EMU has the opportunity to achieve three specific goals in the future:

  • Provide 5G networks for a variety of value transfer applications.
  • Present a low-level development platform for a variety of dapp projects.
  • Describe a technical roadmap for the creation of a worldwide 5G public network.

Because blockchain technologies use a distributed ledger to provide encrypted infrastructure without the need of a third party, they have the ability to provide EMU with a stable and open underlying networking framework.

To create a new virtual ecosystem, EMU will grant people a secure, comfortable, efficient and solid public chain ecology. EMU aims to accomplish the ideal link between digital currency and the physical world, fully utilizing the digital assets of people.

Blockchain and 5G convergence will thus become an inevitable technological trend of design in the future.

A benevolent ecosystem, a global value public chain, EMU is a 5G development platform based on blockchain and is a technology advocate of the “blockchain+5G” concept.

In the EMU environment, blockchain will be the primary framework for business development, while the operational transmission network is handled by 5G.

The network is at the core of digital transformation acceleration, and the complete 5G network of EMU aims to bring extraordinary growth in production.


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Mingjiu Wang
Mingjiu Wang

EMU APP is a scam, I joined but the APP server is not working any more.


Currently EMU App can’t Deposit, Withdraw and Transfer

Thomas Law
Thomas Law

Wonder who is behind this EMU public blockchain..