Eligma, a Smart Commerce Startup, Now Covers 240 Locations in Slovenia

The latest version of Elipay, an app created by smart commerce blockchain startup Eligma, is live and fully built around user experience. Elipay now enables enhanced store navigation and discovery as well as immediate cryptocurrency payments, free transfers between users regardless of their location, balance and transaction history, and loyalty rewards.

More than 240 locations in Slovenia now accept Elipay as a payment option. The latest version of the app also makes it easier for users to find new places where they can spend their crypto assets.

Elipay is available for both Android and iOS devices and currently supports payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and the native-to-the-ecosystem ELI token.


The company has stated that its platform is being accepted by a variety of venues, including bars, restaurants, shops, and salons. For instance, Elipay users can start the day with a nice cup of coffee at a premium hotel, then indulge in some relaxing therapy, sip a cocktail at a hip bar, and then enjoy a healthy meal at a nice restaurant, all without ever resorting to paying in fiat currency.

Slovenia is quickly becoming a major hub for crypto enthusiasts as it pursues the title of “Europe’s Silicon Valley”. Eligma has also stated that the buzz around their Elipay app has spread well beyond the capital Ljubljana, to Maribor, where crypto payments using the app are encouraged in guest houses, coffee bars, and design studios, among others.

Eligma’s team is betting on smartphone shopping being the future, offering a level of convenience that just cannot be matched by regular pay-from-your-wallet experience.

In summary, the objective of Eligma is to mature cryptocurrencies as a way of easy payment across multiple venues, without the inherent need for knowledge of the mechanics of blockchain technology.

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