Zero percent illustration

According to the company’s announcement, the new product is an answer to the rising transaction fees on the Ethereum network. To enable this, the platform utilizes StarkWare zkSTARKS technology, a form of zero-knowledge rollups developed by StarkWare. These zkSTARKS increase the trade settlement capacity of DeversiFi to over 9,000 transactions per second and root the asset security layer of the platform to the underlying Ethereum blockchain.

There is an added layer of security on the platform in the form of the Data Availability Committee, a collection of trusted entities that hold customer balance data off-chain and sign the commitments that update the blockchain state. This, the company explained, ensures that in the very unlikely possibility both StarkWare and DeversiFi go offline, users will be able to withdraw their funds. DeversiFi noted that the committee was a necessary part of the StarkWare system that ensures trading history doesn’t get published on-chain.

Once users migrate their assets onto DeversiFi, they can engage with all of the platform’s features. The only fees users pay are Ethereum network fees for migrating their assets to the platform, with the rest of the transactions performed on the platform requiring zero gas. The platform currently supports MetaMask, Ledger, and Keystore wallets.

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