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Flags at the entrance of a Mercedes store in Buchholz, Germany on April 22, 2018. Shutterstock

Daimler is not only a first-class car manufacturer on a global scale, mainly through its Mercedes-Benz brand, but is also driving the way of innovation in the automotive industry. Yesterday, Daimler and the blockchain-based data-sharing platform, Ocean Protocol, announced that they have completed a proof of concept (PoC), which allows the automotive company to decentralize the sharing of internal sales and financial data.

Singapore-based Ocean tries to help enterprises in feeling more comfortable with their relationships with supply chain procurement partners. With Ocean’s help, Daimler has entered the race to extract value from data it gathers. Monetizing data streams across its supply chains will be a first for the industry.

Ocean Protocol founder Bruce Pon affirmed:


“We have proved that internal and external data sharing works. Daimler’s IT departments can handle it and the business wants it. Blockchain can turn the company’s IT system from a cost center into a profit center.”

Pon believes that times are better now in comparison to three years ago, when PoCs were flooding the market: 

“Sure, there was ‘PoC-itis’ that happened back in 2017; we did about 50 of them, including a couple with Daimler,” he said. “At that stage, everybody was just learning. But today people know how blockchain works, and we are looking now at how to deploy this system, as the ability to buy and sell data using Ocean already exists.”

The founder of Ocean Protocol is looking forward to the development of the project and believes that data-market-based subsidies will surely emerge. According to him, implementing such technology may bring vehicle manufacturers at the level of Google and Bloomberg.

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