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According to Crypto.com’s announcement, Chainalysis will support the integration of the CRO token on Crypto.org Chain ahead of its 25 March mainnet launch. The Chainalysis KYC (Know Your Transaction) software will provide real-time and on-chain monitoring solutions for the token.

Chainalysis Reactor, the company’s investigations software, will also support digital forensics, audit practices, and compliance controls across the Crypto.org Chain. The reactor will enable investigators to dig deeper into suspicious activity in the CRO ecosystem, the company said.

Antonio Alvarez, the chief compliance officer at Crypto.com, said the partnership will enable the companies to identify high-risk attack points by implementing the best security practices on the market.


“Through strategic support, we’ll ensure the company has the tools to grow steadily, safely, and aligned with regulatory guidance,” said Ulisse Dellorto, Chainalysis’ managing director for the APAC region, said in the release.

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