Crypto Candles Changing

In a blog post published on 12 August, announced it will be integrating Band Protocol’s oracle solution into Cronos, providing its developers with access to a high-performance decentralized network that can answer all of their external data needs. Cronos is an EVM chain running in parallel to the Chain.

The company noted this will be a two-way integration — Band Protocol will include the Cronos price feed as one of its data sources, while Cronos will integrate price feeds from Band Protocol as the trusted partner. Cronos developers will be able to use the Band Standard Dataset, which covers a range of over 230 price feeds for cryptocurrency assets, commodities, and foreign exchange. 

As Band Protocol is also built upon Ethermint, a Cosmos SDK development framework Cronos is based on, the integration will enable it to relay data across different blockchains. This could enable dApps built on Cronos to migrate to the chain without compromising their price feeds. 


Soravis Srinawakoon, the Co-Founder and CEO of Band Protocol, said that the integration marks a significant enhancement in the infrastructure and tooling available to Cronos developers. Utilizing Band Protocol’s oracle solution will enable them to build highly secure and reliable applications, he explained in the company’s blog post. 

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