Chainlink Mainnet on Ethereum Going Live

Chainlink, the decentralized oracle network is finally launching on the Ethereum mainnet at the end of the month. During New York’s Consensus 2019 conference, CEO Sergey Nazarov announced that the Chainlink mainnet will be deployed on the 30th of May. The information has been shared via Chainlink’s official Twitter account.

During the presentation, Nazarov stated that they’ve been able to successfully complete three security audits leaving no remaining critical issues. This means that, from the security point of view and the availability of data provides, the Chainlink team feels that they are ready to go live.

Chailnlink’s CEO stated with satisfaction that they were able to provide centralized oracles for existing dapps on Ethereum and many other dapps that are not yet on Ethereum. He added that this initiative would lead to:


An explosion in the types of contracts people build—from insurance to derivatives to supply chain and finance use cases.

Chainlink’s idea is to link smart contracts with the necessary inputs and outputs by letting them connect to any API and send payment anywhere.

Although not much information was shared during the conference, Nazarov promised that next week they are going to publish a blog post with official details.