The Chainlink team has fully utilised its recent surge in popularity and token price by investing in the product’s future. The mystery of the large token transfer from a dev wallet to an exchange now has a very reassuring explanation – Chainlink’s leadership is taking advantage of the price hike from its Google Cloud integration by investing some of the team tokens in eight new additions to the collective.

The open positions are listed on the official website of the project. Apart from those related to design, engineering and product integration, the one that seems to bring the most excitement to the community is the Product Marketing Manager role. Being noticed and appreciated by global giants such as Google and Oracle has greatly distinguished Chainlink from its competitors, and further investments in marketing are a clear indicator that the best announcements are yet to come.

Additionally, the team is optimistic about the potential growth of the niche it has helped pioneer. The official announcement reads:


“Smart contracts are on track to become the dominant form of digital agreement that will power the global economy’s financial markets, insurance industries, global trade (trade finance), and many other agreements that heavily rely on the reliability of a contract.”

The opportunity to be part of a revolution in the way contracts are handled will most certainly be attractive to many, and we are looking forward to see who the new team additions will be.