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According to Chainalysis’ press release, the partnership will enable users to utilize the functionalities from both Bluestone Analytics’ DarkBlue Intelligence Suite and Chainalysis’ Reactor.

Bluestone Analytics’ DarkBlue Intelligence suite will provide cloud-based access to more than one billion AI-powered deep and dark web records from Tor, OpenBazaar, I2P, and ZeroNet. The data and software used in the Chainalysis Reactor will then expose the relationships between cryptocurrency transactions and real-world entities.

The companies believe the integration will enable them to amplify their offerings by streamlining investigations done to support law enforcement and intelligence missions. Chris Manouse, a senior executive at Chainalysis, said that cryptocurrency has become a “vital piece” to the way criminals operate on the dark web. Liam Bowers, the founder and CEO of Bluestone Analytics, said the partnership with Chainalysis will expand the capabilities and insights both companies can provide to law enforcement clients.

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