Businessman riding binary data wave

Announced in a press release on 20 May, the Business Data offering will be powered by Chainalysis’s proprietary data, which is already used by cryptocurrency businesses across the world for compliance. This is the company’s first product designed for marketing, finance, and product development teams to help them drive user growth. 

Chainalysis’s Business Data will harness the company’s expansive dataset to help exchanges and other cryptocurrency businesses tailor their products towards new users and identify new revenue streams. The product will be delivered as a data feed that can be integrated into customers’ data warehouses and used to enrich existing datasets. Chainalysis will also offer expert services alongside the dataset—the company’s data scientists will be able to assist customers in integration and analysis. 

Jonathan Levin, the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Chainalysis, said that given the right data, businesses can gain valuable intelligence to inform their growth strategies.


“This level of data-driven business development is another advantage of blockchains that just isn’t possible in traditional finance,” he said in the company’s press release.

Business Data is already available as a subscription offering.

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