Litecoin Leads The Way in Second Bullish Frenzy of The Week

  • With the forth bull run of the month, the crypto market is closing January with a strong statement.
  • LTC led the way, with EOS and ETH following closely behind.

Bitcoin Surges $1,000 in 30 Minutes

  • BTC jumped from $9,364 to $10,430 in 30 minutes earlier today.
  • The sudden price hike resulted in liquidations of short positions worth $58.1 million on BitMex alone.

TaaS Fund Has Distributed Its Assets To the First Batch of Users

  • After a few weeks of relative uncertainty, many assumptions about TaaS were proven correct.
  • 1 TAAS yielded 0.0056 ETH in total.

Vinny Lingham Announces that the Next 48 Hours Will Decide if the Bull Market is Back

  • The majority of popular people with a strong opinion on bitcoin's price tend to fall in either the permabull or the permabear category.
  • Much to the delight of his 170,000 Twitter followers, Vinny Lingham has just announced that he is on the verge of becoming "a raging bull" again.

Sunday’s Sell Off Resulted in 11-Month Lows for Bitcoin Shorts

  • Bitcoin's short positions reached a new 11-month low this Sunday, right after last week's 6-month low on such positions, according to data from leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.
  • The short positions dropped to 17,085 BTC from the daily high of 19,604, a level we have not seen since 12 March 2018.

Bitcoin Cash Closely Follows EOS in a Bullish Monday Frenzy

  • It seems Ethereum's Constantinople update news have finally managed to overturn the sideways market of the past week.
  • At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash (+20.49% 24h change) closely follows EOS (+23.85% 24h change) as the biggest winners in the top 20 digital assets on CoinMarketCap.

Ethereum Leads the Way as Markets Begin Timid Recovery

  • All major cryptocurrencies saw their prices jump today, with Ethereum being a top gainer, going from $118 to $129.
  • Tronix, Cardano and Monero also manage to jump more than 5%, although in Monero's case this still does little to make up for the coin being a top 3 worst performer this past week, behind Bitcoin Cash and IOTA.

Former Bitcoin Bears Announce Expectations of Market Reversal

  • Outside the scope of the cryptocurrency world, bitcoin is a very polarising topic.
  • Hence it comes as no surprise that permabulls and permabears¬†make up the majority of people with strong opinions about the digital asset.

No Bull Market in Sight, Bitcoin Personalities Proclaim

  • The disastrous November has shaken the little confidence bitcoin bulls had remaining. The sentiment within the community is still largely bearish with little hope for a rebound, even for the short term.
  • Active traders have set aside the usual commitment to either long or short cryptocurrencies.

Factom Doubles in Price Amidst Market Crash

  • The past week has seen almost all cryptocurrencies lose 30% or more of their value in US dollars.
  • However one cryptocurrency has managed to not only stay away from all the chaos, but also double in price during one of the most devastating weeks in cryptocurrency history.