Kik & SEC Jointly Propose $5 Million Settlement To End ICO Lawsuit

  • The proposed joint settlement is not final, and still requires approval from presiding judge Alvin Hellerstein.
  • If approved, the settlement will enjoin the firm against future securities law violations, and make it pay a $5 million fine.

Tezos’ 3 Year Lawsuit Ends In $25M Settlement

  • The judge in the case has noted that the agreement was "fair, reasonable, and adequate".
  • One third of the settlement, $8.5 million, will go towards attorney fees, which leaves $16.5 million for the participants in the ICO.

Bittrex, Poloniex Motion For Summary Judgement, Tether Denies Allegations

  • The motion for summary judgement is on the grounds that the Plaintiffs are unable to "prove the central premise of their claims".
  • The two exchanges were added to the lawsuit as defendants in June.

Plaintiffs Settle With OneCoin Co-Founder

  • On Thursday, Konstantin Ignatov settled with plaintiffs Donald Berdeaus and Christine Grablis, the representatives of OneCoin investors.
  • Konstantin is no longer facing 90 years of prison time.

Twitter Hacker’s Bail Set At $725K

  • The 17 year old "mastermind" had 400 BTC confiscated by authorities last year during an investigation.
  • In order to carry out the hack, the ringleader reportedly had help from a 19 year old U.K. resident, and a 22 year old Florida resident.

Steve Wozniak Sues YouTube Over Bitcoin Scams

  • Woz accuses YouTube of using his name and likeness to profit from bitcoin scams.
  • He filed a complaint, claiming that the company has violated his right of publicity and aided fraudulent activities on the platform.

Bitfinex Appeal Over $850M In Lost Funds Rejected

  • Bitfinex's appeal claimed that the firm was not under the jurisdiction of New York.
  • The court pointed out in its rejection that the New York AG was looking for documents dating back to 2015, and that Bitfinex was serving New York customers until 2017.

Singapore Man Found Guilty Of Promoting OneCoin

  • The 52-year old man has been fined $72,000.
  • Using a referral program similar to pyramid schemes, the man and his team were able to sign up 1,180 people from Singapore and other countries.

Telegram To Pay $18.5 Million In Civil Penalty

  • Signed by a judge on Friday, the final judgement requires Telegram to pay back $1.2 billion to investors.
  • The firm will have 30 days to pay $18.5 million in penalties, and is also required to notify the SEC if it plans to issue another digital asset in the next 3 years.

Judge Denies Motion For Sanctions Against Craig Wright, Accepts Autism Defense

  • Now that the motion to impose sanctions on Craig Wright has been denied, the case is clear to go to jury trial.
  • The judge will also allow Wright to summon a clinical psychologist as an expert witness.