Craig’s Lies Continue: Kleiman Alleges Wright Possesses Key To Encrypted BTC File

  • The plaintiff's legal team points to the movement of $1.6 million in BTC from addresses contained in Craig Wright's list.
  • A Redditor, who studies all lists in great detail, explains that all three lists have recently been active.

Block.​One Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over EOS ICO, Again

  • The new class action complaint accuses the firm of taking $200 million from U.S. investors during its ICO.
  • The development comes only months after the firm paid $24 million to the SEC, after an investigation into the ICO.

17,000 Users Have Filed Claims For Reimbursement From QuadrigaCX

  • The Canada Revenue Agency has to file a tax claim against Quadriga before any funds can be distributed to former users of the exchange.
  • Affected users filed claims for funds in most of the major cryptocurrencies.

Telegram To Hand Over Bank Records, Communications To SEC

  • The messaging app has until 20 May to turn over all requested documents and answer questions regarding any bank records that have already been produced.
  • The agreement was signed only a day after a fork of the TON blockchain was launched.

New Lawsuit Alleges XRP Sale Violated Security Laws

  • The new allegations are coming from the same firm which unsuccessfully tried to sue crypto derivatives exchange FTX for $150 million in November 2019.
  • The company, Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement, is looking to "recover damages" and obtain "compensatory damages".

J.P. Morgan Chase Settles Lawsuit Over High Credit Card Crypto Charges

  • The original complaint was looking to have J.P. Morgan Chase refund all wrongfully made charges, and pay $1 million in statutory damages.
  • Even though we have no details of the settlement, we do know that all parties now have 75 days to submit their stipulations of settlement.

Qatari Billionaire Sues Facebook Over Fake Crypto Ads

  • Wissam Al Mana, Janet Jackson's ex-husband, is now suing Facebook for defamation after a crypto scam used his image to promote itself on the social platform.
  • Estimated to be worth around €1 billion, the Qatari business magnate does not operate any social media accounts.

SEC Settles Charges Against Enigma’s $45M Token Sale

  • "Harmed investors" will have the options to receive a refund with interest through a claims process, or keep their tokens.
  • The firm will also have to register its tokens as securities, file periodic reports with the SEC, and pay a $500,000 fine.

SEC Charges Opporty Over $600,000 Fraudulent Security Offering

  • From September 2017 to October 2018 Opporty raised around $600,000 from approximately 200 investors via SAFTs.
  • The company claimed to have on-boarded thousands of “verified providers”, and had more than 17 million businesses in its database, both of which were untrue.

SEC Charges Group of Criminals for $30M Fraudulent ICO

  • The SEC alleges that Boaz Manor hid his past criminal conviction and misrepresented himself as "Shaun MacDonald".
  • The defendants allegedly raised over $30 million in a fraudulent ICO, conducted in 2017 and 2018.