Editors' Picks

Tesla Enables DOGE Payments

  • A month after Elon Musk revealed Tesla's plans for DOGE, the electric car company added the cryptocurrency as a payment option for its merchandise.
  • Sales made with the meme coin will be considered final, and the items "cannot be returned, exchanged, or canceled".

Visa Survey Shows Quarter of SMBs to Accept Crypto Payments in 2022

  • The "Visa Global Back to Business Study – 2022 SMB Outlook" revealed that 73% of small businesses thought new digital payments were important to their growth.
  • 24% are already planning to accept crypto as payments, while 82% said they would implement "some" form of digital payments in 2022.

Samsung Opens Virtual Store in Decentraland

  • "Samsung 837X" will be a digital version of a real world iconic store located at 837 Washington Street in New York City.
  • It will be available on Decentraland only for a limited time, but Samsung will continue to look for platforms on which to launch a similar store.

Aave Launches Institutional DeFi Service Aave Arc

  • Aave Arc is a permissioned liquidity pool specifically designed for institutions to maintain regulatory compliance in the DeFi space.
  • Fireblocks, which was chosen as the first whitelister for the platform, has already approved 30 institutions to participate in Aave Arc.

Grim Finance Suffers Reentrancy Attack, Loses $30M

  • The hacker made five deposits into the vault while the first was being processed by exploiting the protocol's vault contract.
  • The project quickly paused its vaults, but not before the attacker stole around $30 million worth of digital assets, causing Grim Finance's TVL to fall to $4 million.