Editors' Picks

Ledger Secures $380M in Series C

  • Led by 10T Holdings, the $380 million Series C funding round has raised the valuation of Ledger to $1.5 billion.
  • The funds will help the firm diversify its offering beyond crypto, and add support for NFT, real estate, and other forms of value on the blockchain.

Coinbase Card Gets Apple Pay, Google Pay Support

  • Customers can now use their Coinbase Card with Apple and Google Pay.
  • Select users will also be able to earn up to 4% in crypto rewards.

Apple Looking For New Hire With Crypto Experience

  • While Apple is yet to expand into the crypto market, the new job offering could indicate the company is warming up to the idea.
  • The new hire must have experience with alternative payments, such as cryptocurrency, and will be responsible for leading the company's Alternative Payments Partnerships.

Nebraska Passes Bill to Allow Banks to Offer Crypto Services

  • First introduced in January, the bill has received an overwhelming support from Nebraska lawmakers, and has passed its final vote with 46 to 2.
  • It enables financial institutions to operate digital asset depository businesses, for which the state will provide "charter, operation, supervision, and regulation".

EY To Invest $100 Million in Blockchain

  • The $100 million support for blockchain is part of EY's larger, $1.5 billion investment plan for 2021.
  • The company wants to answer to the rising needs of its clients.