Unibright Presents All-In-One Security Token Offering Tool Freequity

  • Freequity aims to provide a 360° tokenization platform where users can smoothly run STOs.
  • The tool touches bases with all key aspects of security token offerings, including regulation, integration, and liquidity.

OXT, BAT, LINK, DAI Will Start Trading on Gemini in The First Week of May

  • Orchi (OXT) will begin trading on May 4, while the other 3 assets will do so on May 5.
  • These 4 tokens will join BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and ZEC to complete the list of only 9 assets that will be trading on the exchange after May 5.

Unibright Updates Workshop Packages, Pushes For More UBT Adoption

  • The smallest workshop package is no longer available, while the workshop price of UBT has been re-evaluated to $0.42.
  • UBT is unaffected by the latest crypto market dump and has skyrocketed in 2020 from $0.018 to $0.25, a 1,288% increase.

Stellar Burns $4.7 Billion Worth of XLM

  • Out of the 105 billion XLM tokens that were in existence, the Stellar Development Foundation decided to destroy 55 billion of its own tokens.
  • The tokens came mainly from the organization's giveaway and partnership programs, which have now been ended.

Stellar to Airdrop 2 Billion XLM

  • Stellar Development Foundation CEO explained that Keybase is an important part of their adoption strategy and advocate their vision.
  • All the big messaging apps and Keybase competitors are soon to enter the cryptocurrency game but with a different approach.

Telegram to Release its Token by October

  • The first batch of the Gram cryptocurrency is expected by October of this year.
  • The code needed to run a TON node is to become publicly available on 1 September.

The Next Nexo Dividend Distribution Set for August 15

  • Nexo is giving back to the blockchain community by distributing 30% of the project's net profit in a given dividend period.
  • The first time the company paid dividends to its investors was on 15 December, 2018, when it distributed over $900,000 in NEXO tokens.

Chainlink Announces Team Expansion, Eight New Roles to be Added

  • Eight new positions have been listed on Chainlink's official website following the announcement.
  • They include a head of product management, a design lead, general counsel, a marketing manager in addition to engineering positions.

Token as a Service Fund Shuts Down

  • After two years of active trading and investing, one of the first ICO-funded cryptocurrency hedge funds has announced that it will halt its market activity and distribute its assets to token holders.
  • TaaS was a tokenised closed-end fund, exclusively funded via an ICO, which took place between March 27 and April 28 in 2017.