Crypto Exchange Bybit Debuts Launchpad Platform

  • The first token to list on the launchpad will be BitDAO's native BIT.
  • Bybit Launchpad news came just hours after the exchange announced it will wind down its presence in South Korea.

Minterest Raises $6.5 Million to Build a Value-Capturing Protocol

  • Minterest's automatic liquidation mechanism will capture more value, allowing the protocol to buy back its native MNT token.
  • All of the revenue generated through the buybacks and unique fee structure will be distributed to Minterest users.

Music App Geojam to Integrate With Constellation Network

  • By integrating with the Constellation Network, Geojam will be able to create its own JAM token, which will be merged with its existing fan rewards system.
  • Once the token has been created, it will be listed on the Constellation-powered Lattice Exchange's Launchpad. Partners With Spanish Football Association LaLiga

  • has now become Global Fan Engagement Partner of Spain’s top tier football league.
  • The two will work together to issue Fan Tokens for LaLiga's clubs, which include FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid.

Huobi Global Launches Fourth Project on Primepool

  • Structure Finance (STF) will be the spotlight project for the fourth Primepool event.
  • Users will be able to lock HT and TALK for a chance to win a part of the 1.98 STF token prize pool.

iSwap Launches With 3-Second Cross-Chain Transactions

  • iSwap supports cross-chain transactions on Polygon, Ethereum, OKExChain, BSC, and HECO.
  • The platform's 3-second swaps are achieved by deploying aggregators and maintaining USDT holdings on each of the supported chains.

Brave Sees Huge Growth, Surpasses 36 Million Monthly Active Users

  • The browser surpassed 12.5 million daily active users.
  • Its privacy-preserving ad platform saw its revenue increase 14x in the past 18 months.

LCX Partners With Parity To Establish Token Standards For Polkadot

  • LCX plans on launching a new set of token standards on Polkadot called the Liechtenstein Protocol.
  • Parity Technologies will guide the company through the implementation process and help it grow its DeFi terminal Fire Salamander.

Microsoft Receives U.S. Patent for ‘Ledger-Independent Token Service’

  • The filing describes a "ledger-independent system that will allow developers to write code for managing tokens in a manner that is blockchain agnostic.
  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded Microsoft's subsidiary, Microsoft Technology Licensing, the patent on Tuesday.

ZKSwap to Shut Down V1 Mainnet And Migrate Assets to V2

  • ZKSwap V1 will shut down to make room for the faster and better V2.
  • The 30-day process will begin on 26 August and last until 25 September when V1 will officially shut down.