EU Regulators Examining Binance’s Stock Tokens

  • The U.K. FCA is reportedly working with Binance to better understand the stock tokens, and what regulation may apply to them.
  • Binance said a prospectus was not required as the tokens were not settled in fiat currency, but in Binance USD (BUSD).

UMA Protocol Launches Call Options

  • UMA’s new infrastructure allows users to build a decentralized call option with any underlying asset.
  • UMA's UMAc35-0421 call option token expires on 30 April and has a strike price of $35.

PSG’s Fan Token Doubles in Value After Team Secures Champions League Quarter-Finals

  • Blockchain platform Chiliz saw record-breaking trading volume with its Fan Tokens.
  • The company plans on capturing more of the sports market with an expansion to the United States.

Chainlink Awards Grant For xDai Integration

  • Protofire will use the grant for a native integration of Chainlink's oracle technology into xDai Chain.
  • Being both a validator and core developer of the xDai technology stack made the firm an excellent candidate for the grant.

Unibright Announces New Token Model For UBT, Upgrades Payments System

  • The new UBT token will be used as “integration gas” for Unibright services, calculated and managed by Provide Payments.
  • Users will be able to buy the assets either directly from Provide or from exchanges and will have to transfer them to Unibright’s hot wallets in order to use their platform.

Ocean Protocol Forks To Retrieve 21 Million OCEAN Stolen From KuCoin

  • The organization encourages members of its community to support the hard fork.
  • Users who want to transact with their OCEAN tokens will have to use different means in order to do so as it will take time for third-party providers to integrate with the new contract.

Aave V2 Will Bring Colossal Improvements

  • After 8 months of preparations, the company finally launched the testnet of their new protocol.
  • The platform brings about extensive improvements such as lower transaction costs, mortgage tokenisations, and better internal operations.

Nexo Distributes over $6 Million In Dividends To Token Holders

  • This is the third dividend distribution to eligible NEXO token holders, making the total around $9.5 million.
  • The first two distributions amounted to $912,071 and $2,409,575 respectively.

LinkPool Becomes The First Recipient Of The Chainlink Community Grant Program

  • LinkPool will work on the addition of new features to Chainlink Market.
  • Some expected improvements include allowing developers to deploy new Chainlink oracle networks and expanding of the platform.

Revolut Adds Support For Stellar Lumens

  • XLM is now available for trade on the platform along with six other major cryptocurrencies.
  • Starting July 27, Revolut users will have full legal ownership of their digital assets.