1inch Network Raises $175M in Series B Round

  • The new funds will be used to onboard institutional clients, build new protocols, and expand the utility of its native 1INCH token.
  • While the initial target for the Series B was $70 million, the huge demand from some of crypto's largest venture funds forced 1inch to increase it to $175 million.

Axie Infinity Land Plot Sells For 550 ETH

  • The virtual land sold was one of the rarest types in the Axie Infinity game, "Genesis", where rare bosses with special rewards can spawn.
  • The last big purchase of plot land in the NFT game was back in February, when nine plots of land were sold for 888 ETH.

SubQuery to Launch on Polkadot Parachain Acala

  • One of the reasons behind SubQuery's choice was that Acala would soon offer EVM compatibility, extending the reach of its upcoming token generation event.
  • With the goal of becoming Polkadot's DeFi hub, Acala became the first to win a parachain auction for the network.

eToro to Delist ADA and TRX for U.S. Customers

  • On 26 December U.S. users will loose the ability to open new positions in ADA and TRX, and by 31 December will no longer be able to stake the tokens.
  • eToro will limit the selling of the assets sometime in Q1 2022, after it has made its wallet compatible with ADA and TRX.

Ardana to Build Cardano-NEAR Crosschain Bridge

  • The goal of the bridge is to allow for funds to flow between the Cardano and NEAR blockchains, and eventually enable cross-chain smart contract functionality.
  • Once the bridge is launched the NEAR token will also become available as an asset on Cardano, and will become usable as collateral on Ardana to mint stablecoins.

Nexo Launches $100M Token Buyback Initiative

  • The crypto lender will repurchase $100 million worth of NEXO tokens from the open market over the next six months.
  • The tokens will be placed in an Investor Protection Reserve with a vesting period of 12 months, and then be used for token mergers and daily payouts.

Huobi Global to Migrate Spot Trading Services to Gibraltar

  • The new GFSC license enables Huobi to use DLT for "storing or transmitting value belonging to others" to or from Gibraltar.
  • Huobi hopes it will be able to attract both retail and institutional clients who want to trade through a regulated platform.

Enjin to Support Metaverse Projects Through $100M Fund

  • Called "Efinity Metaverse Fund", the initiative will support metaverse-based projects being developed on Efinity.
  • The fund will also help projects focused on cross-chain NFT assets, digital collectible apps, gaming, virtual events, and multichain infrastructure.

PBoC Claims 140 Million Individuals Now Have e-CNY Wallets

  • An executive of the People's Bank of China has claimed that the country's CBDC has already been used in over $9.7 billion worth of transactions.
  • He further stated that 1.5 million merchants were ready to accept payments from the 140 million individual and 10 million corporate e-CNY wallets in the country.

Avalanche Launches New $200M Investment Fund

  • The "Blizzard" fund received contributions from the Avalanche Foundation, Ava Labs, Polychain Capital, Three Arrows Capital, Dragonfly Capital, CMS Holdings, and others.
  • The main focus of the fund will be early-stage projects focused on DeFi, enterprise applications, NFTs, and culture applications, though it will also support "emerging use cases".