e-Money to Launch Stablecoins on Avalanche

  • e-Money will be launching a suite of European-currency stablecoins on Avalanche.
  • Users will be able to buy and sell the stablecoins on the e-Money wallet and trade them on the e-Money DEX.

Online Metaverse IMVU Launches Stablecoin

  • Online metaverse platform IMVU has launched VCOIN, a blockchain-based digital currency.
  • The tokens can be bought from and sold to IMVU at a fixed rate of 250 tokens for $1.

U.S. Federal Regulators Allow Banks to Work with Stablecoins

  • The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has allowed banks to use stablecoins.
  • Banks can now buy, sell, and issue their own stablecoins, as well as use blockchain networks.

Japanese Internet Conglomerate to Launch First Yen-Pegged Stablecoin

  • The operator of the FX trading platform will be issuing JPY and USD-pegged stablecoins.
  • GYEN and ZUSD are set to launch in January 2021, but will not be available to Japanese residents.

SatoshiPay Becomes First User of EURB Stablecoin

  • The firm plans to integrate the regulatory compliant EURB into its crypto cross border B2B money transfer service DTransfer.
  • SatoshiPay has already signed up 11 business partners, which will benefit from DTransfer's new "instant EUR-based bank transfers" capability.

Bitbond & One of The Oldest Banks in The World Issue Euro Stablecoin on Stellar

  • EURB can be used by financial application developers who want to settle transfers on-chain with a fully regulated EUR stablecoin.
  • Bankhaus von der Heydt was attracted by the ease in which assets are issued and managed on the Stellar network.

U.S. Lawmakers Attempt to Make Stablecoins Illegal Without Prior Approval

  • The new bill would require stablecoin issuers to secure bank charters and federal approval prior to issuing.
  • The STABLE Act, however, has low chances of passing this year, as there are only a few weeks left of the current Congressional session.

Visa to Issue USDC Credit Card

  • The stablecoin-enabled credit card will be the child of Visa's new partnership with Circle.
  • The latter will work closely with the payments giant in selecting credit card issuers, who will need to integrate the USDC software into their platforms.

Facebook’s Libra Rebrands to “Diem”

  • The rebranding could be connected to the recent reports that claim the Diem Association was aiming for a 2021 stablecoin launch.
  • Meaning "day" in Latin, the new name is supposed to show that the project has significantly changed its mission.

Ledger Users Can Now Lend Their Stablecoins & Receive Interest

  • Ledger Live will utilize the Compound protocol to facilitate the loans through Compound's cTokens.
  • The stablecoins currently available for lending are DAI, USDT, and USDC.