xSigma To Launch Stablecoin Exchange Platform

  • The launch of the platform marks the first step towards the creation of a vast blockchain ecosystem powered by xSigma.
  • The company has gathered a team of experienced developers in order to successfully scale the project, and introduce many others in the next 12 months.

Bittrex Global Lists 7 Top DeFi Tokens, Offers 0% Trading Fees

  • Bittrex claimed that removing gas fees for DeFi trading will encourage more clients to enter their regulatory system and comply with the required standards.
  • The company has plans to add 12 more tokens to this list until the end of 2020 .

Origin Protocol’s Stablecoin Exploited For $7M In Latest DeFi Hack

  • The latest attack once again used a flash loan to exploit a vulnerability in a DeFi protocol, to artificially inflate the supply of OUSD.
  • Deposits to the OUSD vault have already been disabled, and the firm is expected to release a full post-mortem of the incident in the following days.

Ledger Users Can Now Lend Their Stablecoins & Receive Interest

  • Ledger Live will utilize the Compound protocol to facilitate the loans through Compound's cTokens.
  • The stablecoins currently available for lending are DAI, USDT, and USDC.

Aave V2 Now Available On Kovan Testnet

  • The second version of Aave will include new tools and UI/UX improvements to "push the limits of the DeFi user experience".
  • Aave has launched a bug bounty program for finding bugs in its second version, which is currently under 4 audits and formal verifications.

Binance Recovers 99.9% of Crypto Stolen In DeFi Exit Scam

  • The Wine Swap exit scam took place on 13 October on the Binance Smart Chain, and was responsible for the loss of $345,000 worth of crypto.
  • Using on-chain analysis, Binance was able to identify the culprit, and eventually recover $344,000 of the lost funds, which are now being returned to their rightful owners.

Second Uniswap Governance Proposal Fails, Denies Airdrop Request

  • The vote needed another 2.5 million votes to reach the 40 million quorum currently required by Uniswap governance proposals.
  • If passed, an additional 5 million UNI would have been airdropped.

MakerDAO Initiates Executive Vote On Flash Loan Attacks

  • The changes were proposed after last week BProtocol’s team used borrowed flash loans to sway a vote in their favor.
  • If approved by the community, the Maker protocol will increase its GSM Pause Delay and deauthorize its Oracle Freeze Module and Liquidations Circuit Breaker.

Uniswap’s Second Governance Proposal Could See 5 Million UNI Airdropped

  • The governance proposal has less than a day to come up with another 12 million votes in favor in order to reach the required 40 million votes for a quorum.
  • If passed, a secondary proposal for retroactive distribution will be put forth, this time involving almost 27,000 accounts.

Aave Hands Over Control To The Community

  • After prolonged preparation and testing, the company finally took the last step towards full decentralization of the protocol.
  • Aave also released a detailed plan of the admin key handover, effectively giving full control over the platform to public governance.