ZKSwap Down 50% After Airdrop, Launches $100M PoS Mining Reward Program

  • ZKS saw its price drop 50% following today's 1:1 airdrop.
  • ZKSwap will continue launching features according to its whitepaper, which include a $100 million PoS reward scheme.

DeversiFI DEX Launches Zero-Fee Swaps

  • DeversiFi utilizes StarkWare zkSNARKS to enable a high throughput and instant finality.
  • Simple Swaps will enable users to swap any asset listed on DeversiFi without paying gas fees.

Aave, Balancer Build The First Asset Manager For Balancer V2

  • The Aave-Balancer Asset Manager will replenish cash amounts of tokens on Balancer by redeeming them from Aave.
  • This will enable liquidity providers to earn additional yield without swap costs.

DeFi Platform Vesper Grows 1,000% Following Mainnet Launch

  • Since its official launch on 17 February, the platform's native VSP token has increased in value from the original $2.50 to the current $33.50.
  • Vesper's core product, the "Grow Pools", allow the platform to generate yield by deploying pooled liquidity to various DeFi protocols.

Layer 2 Protocol’s Token Jumps 150% Following Mainnet Launch, Airdrop Announcement

  • The AMM-based DEX utilizes zk-rollup technology to enable swaps and transfers on Ethereum's Layer2.
  • An 80 million ZKS airdrop and a 1 million ZKS rewards campaign attracted millions in new volume.

The Rise of Bancor

  • The exchange was the first to prove the feasibility of AMM, but has since struggled to compete with other DeFi platforms.
  • However, through the introduction of several smart features and innovations, notably single-sided exposure, Bancor is surging among the DeFi ranks.

Injective Integrates With Avalanche to Launch AVAX Derivatives

  • The bridge between Injective and Avalanche is set to launch by Q2 2021.
  • The integration will allow Injective to launch interoperable derivatives using AVAX.

BitWise Launches World’s First DeFi Index Fund

  • Aimed at accredited investors, Bitwise's DeFi Index Fund will hold a portfolio of assets behind popular DeFi projects.
  • These include Uniswap, Aave, Synthetix, Maker, Yearn.Finance, and 0x.

The Jarvis Network: Synthetic Assets on Ethereum

  • The DeFi platform is on a mission to "blockchainify" traditional financial markets.
  • To facilitate the project's goal the Jarvis team has developed a set of tools and protocols, namely Margineum, Synthereum, Jarvis Market, Jarvis Wallet, Jarvis Exchange, and the Jarvis Reward Token.

ZKSwap DEX Goes Live on Ethereum Mainnet

  • The new DEX uses zero-proof knowledge as a way to scale transaction output and lower gas fees on the Ethereum network.
  • ZKSwap will initially support 30 tokens, with plans to scale that to 100 tokens, based on community voting.