SushiSwap Introduces MISO Launchpad

  • The MISO token launchpad is set to launch on 17 May.
  • Sushi's latest product will make it easier for developers to launch their projects on the exchange.

Last Week in DeFi: Balancer V2, Alpha Finance Oracle Aggregator, SushiSwap Token Launchpad

  • Balancer expects a gradual migration from V1 to V2, while Alpha Homora is preparing for the next major stage of development.
  • SushiSwap launched its own token launchpad, Compound and Uniswap announced grant program developments, and DOGE gets listed on PancakeSwap's pools.

1inch Network Expands to Polygon

  • Initially only five pools will be available to 1inch users, though more will be added over time.
  • The move was in response to a massive request from the community to make Polygon available for swapping via 1inch.

Balancer Launches V2

  • Balancer expects its V1 to provide better prices, until a substantial amount of liquidity migrates to V2.
  • V2 will put all assets within one big vault, meaning users will have to pay gas only for going into and out of Balancer.

Umbria Launches Layer 2 DEX Alpha

  • The Layer 2 DEX features asset swapping and official liquidity pools.
  • The DEX is a modified version of SushiSwap with extra governance features.

Alpha Finance Launches Oracle Aggregator

  • Alpha products will be able to access verified data from Chainlink and Band Protocol.
  • This will provide better security and scalability, enabling Alpha to support more assets.

Last Week in DeFi: Uniswap V3, SushiSwap Lending Dapp, Vesper Fund Collaboration

  • The long-awaited Uniswap V3 is now live on the Ethereum mainnet, as is SushiSwap's lending feature, BentoBox.
  • The bull run has continued throughout this week as well, with most DeFi tokens growing in value, in accordance with total value locked.

WallStreetBets Developing a Decentralized App

  • "Prominent figures" in the WSB community have been working with blockchain experts to create new decentralized exchange traded portfolios.
  • The portfolios will be governed under a decentralized autonomous organization consensus, with members voting on important issues using the WSB token.

SEBA Bank Adds Support For DeFi Tokens

  • The FINMA-licensed bank has expanded its offering to nine crypto assets, and now supports Uniswap (UNI), Synthetix (SNX), and Yearn (YFI) tokens.
  • Customers will have access to these tokens across the bank's investment solutions, including customized and actively managed client portfolios.

Sushi Announces BentoBox Dapp Token Vault

  • BentoBox is a token vault that can support a variety of Dapps.
  • BentoBox's proprietary lending protocol Kashi will enable users to earn interest by lending $SUSHI.