Huobi Launches New Digital Asset Mining Platform

  • Primepool will enable users to participate in the launch of new premium projects on Huobi.
  • Users will be able to "mine" new assets by staking HT or ETH, receiving rewards in the form of new tokens.

Chainlink Price Feeds to Go Live on Cronos

  • selected Chainlink as it has proven itself as one of the most reliable decentralised price oracles in the industry.
  • Its price feeds will open up new use cases on Cronos, such as establishing exchange rates for tokenized assets, checking limit order conditions, and more.

3 U.S. States Say BlockFi’s Interest-Bearing Accounts Violate Securities Laws

  • New Jersey, Alabama, and Texas have increased regulatory pressure on BlockFi.
  • The states claim BlockFi's interest Accounts (BIAs) are unregistered securities and violate state laws.

MakerDAO to Become Fully Decentralized

  • The CEO of the Maker Foundation revealed on Tuesday the organization was going to dissolve in the coming months.
  • Established in 2018, the Maker Foundation had the task to steward the protocol through its early days until holders of the MKR token were ready. Launches New EVM Chain Testnet

  • The Cronos testnet will be open-source, enabling developers to provide feedback to
  • Once fully launched, the Cronos chain will enable developers to rapidly port apps from Ethereum and other EVM Chains to

Grayscale Reveals New DeFi Fund

  • Grayscale's 15'th crypto investment product will provide investors with access to DeFi protocols such as Uniswap and Aave.
  • Grayscale said it will try to have shares of the new product quoted on a secondary market, but there were no guarantees.

THORChain Loses $5M in Latest DeFi Exploit

  • While it was initially reported the protocol had lost around 13,000 ETH in the attack, more detailed assessments have put that number to around 4,000.
  • The THORChain vulnerability is already being patched, and the team behind the project has said that users will be compensated for their losses.

Optimism Launches Alpha Version of its Layer Two Solution

  • Optimistic Ethereum will initially support the same transaction capacity as layer 1, but will offer instant confirmations and around 10x lower gas costs.
  • The layer 2 solution was released as a limited version, giving developers time to address any issues that could arise from its launch.

Bunny Finance Launches Lending Protocol Qubit on BSC

  • Qubit will have zero withdrawal fees to reduce costs for users and enable yield aggregators to maximize returns.
  • The QBT Pre-Launch Liquidity Event will take place between 14 July and 19 July.

Harvest Finance Launches V2

  • Harvest V2 comes with a revitalized UX/UI.
  • V2 will enable users to use Uniswap V3 signle asset deposits directly through the dashboard.