No, CoinDesk, Satoshi’s Local Time Zone Wasn’t UTC+8

  • Satoshi used's webmail client to send emails, making the timezone in the Date header field therein irrelevant.
  • This time zone is naturally the same as the one in the Received header field of the same emails.

VanEck Lists Bitcoin-Backed ETP On Deutsche Börse Xetra

  • The new offering is an Exchange Traded Note (ETN), which is not a mutual fund, but a debt instrument that tracks an underlying index.
  • The product will be fully backed by Bitcoin, which will be held in cold storage by Liechtenstein-regulated crypto custodian, Bank Frick.

Satoshi Nakamoto Lived in London While Working on Bitcoin. Here’s How We Know.

  • Satoshi's Bitcointalk posts, SourceForge commits, and emails, lay out a clear activity pattern, which we plotted in different time zones.
  • Other available data gave us clues that helped us determine, with reasonable confidence, where he lived.

DAiM First To Offer Company-Sponsored BTC Retirement Plans

  • The new retirement plans will include varying degrees of exposure to traditional assets, and will allow for the allocation of 10% to Bitcoin.
  • Companies interested in offering the new product to employees in 2021 need to put the plan in place by mid-December 2020.

Satoshi Used Timestamps For Early Bitcoin Source Code Versioning

  • We analyse early Bitcoin source code archives - a preliminary version from November 2008, 0.1.0 (both RAR and TGZ), and 0.1.3.
  • We conclude that Satoshi used timestamps as a versioning scheme, before the SourceForge repository was established in mid-2009.

Argo Partners With Core Scientific, Expands North America Mining Operation

  • Core Scientific’s physical security and technical operations teams will support Argo's mining machines at each site.
  • Argo has prepared 8,878 digital asset mining machines for this operation, that will utilize the favorable climate and the competitive electricity prices in the region.

Chainalysis Helps DOJ Seize More Than $1B In BTC Stolen From Silk Road

  • Agents from IRS-CI used Chainalysis tools and managed to identify Individual X, from whom the funds were seized.
  • The civil complaint is a mere standard procedure aiming to prove that the seized assets are subject to forfeiture.

Blockstream Announces New Multisignature Scheme For Bitcoin’s Taproot Update

  • The new MuSig2 will allow for non-interactive signing and will retain the functionality and efficiency of its predecessor.
  • Blockstream expects most applications to prefer the adoption of the new multisignature scheme in accordance with the Taproot update.

Poolin Announces Brand Upgrade, Advances The Mining Industry

  • The new brands of the company include Poolin Mining Pool, Poolin Finance, Poolin Mining, and Mining Fund.
  • The goal is to make Poolin an all-in-one platform for all things mining, including the mining itself, investment in DeFi, mining hosting, and mining investments.

Coinbase’s Crypto Community Fund Will Sponsor Two Bitcoin Core Developers

  • The projects will be chosen based on their field of work and potential contribution to the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Companies wanting to participate in the program must first fill out a form, which will later be evaluated by an advisory board.