6-Figure Influential Bitcoin Trader Forecasts a Continued BTC Price Slump

  • Zoran Kole, a highly respected crypto trader, states that the bottom of the pit is yet to be seen.
  • The effects of Bakkt's launch on the digital assets market are yet to match the hype that was mounting during the project's development.

Researchers Describe Bitcoin Attack That Could Halt Lightning Payments

  • According to the paper by Schmid, Tochner and Zohar, a DoS attack might be carried out easily once the network is used heavily.
  • Of course, this attack is still conceptual and by the time it is achievable there should be a way to stop it.

Can the Next Bitcoin Halving Push Small-Scale Miners Out of Business?

  • The uptrends during the previous two halvings do not guarantee that the same thing will happen again.
  • After rewards get reduced, the popular mining machines of today would not be able to turn a profit for their operators.

Lightning Network Developer Discloses a Dangerous Vulnerability, Now Fixed

  • The vulnerability could allow for an attacker to pretend to open a payment channel and then send fake transactions.
  • Originally discovered in June, the vulnerability has now been fixed by upgrading all major lightning software clients.

Bakkt Launched its Bitcoin Futures at Long Last

  • CEO of LevelTradingField, Lanre Sarume commented rather positively on the launch and expressed optimism.
  • Experts do not expect a sudden big rush to the global crypto market as this increasing demand would take time.

SEC Chairman: BTC Needs Better Regulation to be Taken Seriously

  • Speaking at the CNBC's Delivering Alpha conference, Jay Clayton remarked that the crypto market needs to build strong investor protections.
  • He also added that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not go through the same price discovery practices as products on major exchanges.

The Next Lightning Network release will Include Anti-Fraud ‘Watchtowers’

  • Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) will implement anti-fraud ‘Watchtowers’ in their next release.
  • Securing the Lightning Network was anticipated by many users who desire faster bitcoin payments and implementing “Watchtowers” should presumably crush most fraud attempts on the off-chain network.

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Capacity Sees a Substantial Drop

  • Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) capacity dropped with more than 13% recently, provoking doubts about its long-term capabilities among supporters.
  • The unexpected drop has been commented across different social media platforms with users pointing out that liquidity is also suffering. Is Launching a LocalBitcoins Competitor

  • is launching a localbitcoins alternative with no KYC requirements.
  • Thanks to new developments such as OP_CHECKDATASIG can provide escrow services without ever being in custody of the traded coins.

Twitter Alternative Gab Has Forked Brave Browser’s Codebase, Replacing BATs with Lightning Network Support

  • One of the most popular criticisms of practically all ERC20 tokens has been their alleged redundancy.
  • If Gab's new browser manages to get a larger user base than Brave, it could signal that Brave's strategy to move away from Bitcoin had been wrong all along.