Goldman Sachs Approves First BTC-Backed Loan

  • A Goldman Sachs spokesperson noted that the deal was particularly interesting because of its unique structure and 24/7 risk management.
  • The move comes at a time when Wall Street firms have started to increase their involvement in the crypto space.

Fidelity to Offer BTC Exposure to 401(k) Savings Accounts

  • Once the change has been implemented, more than 23,000 U.S.-based companies could allow their employees to invest in BTC through their 401(k) retirement savings accounts.
  • Fidelity plans to release the new option later this year, allowing 401(k) account holders to invest up to 20% of their portfolio in BTC.

CoinJoin to Block BTC Tied to Illegal Activities

  • The Bitcoin mixing service will now block certain unspent transaction outputs from registering through its default zkSNACKs coordinator.
  • One of the developers of the service noted that the blacklist will apply only for the default coordinator, and not to alternatives.

Ukraine Receives Over $35M in Crypto Donations, Announces Airdrop

  • In order to thank the crypto community for its support, the Ukrainian government is planning to conduct an "airdrop" to donors that have contributed crypto.
  • Although the Ukrainian government accepts donations only in ETH, BTC, USDT, and DOT, Uniswap has launched an interface that converts ERC-20 tokens into ETH before sending them to Ukraine.

CME Group to Launch Micro BTC and ETH Options

  • Genesis Global Trading, Cumberland, and Akuna Capital will be providing liquidity for CME Group's new crypto investment vehicle.
  • The new micro BTC and ETH options, expected to start trading on 28 March, will allow for a wider range of market participants to manage their exposure.

NYDIG Now Valued at $7B After Latest Funding Round

  • The $1 billion NYDIG funding round, one of the largest in the crypto industry, was led by WestCap, and saw participation from Morgan Stanley, Bessemer Venture, FIS, and others.
  • This is NYDIG's third funding round this year, with the company raising $200 million back in March, and $100 million in April.

Mercado Pago to Launch Crypto Services in Brazil Through Paxos

  • The new feature, expected to launch by the end of December, will give Brazilian Mercado Pago users access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Pax Dollar.
  • Once the feature is launched, Brazilian users will be able to directly buy crypto using their existing account balance.

MicroStrategy Buys $414M Worth of Bitcoin

  • MicroStrategy revealed on Monday it had purchased a total of 7,002 BTC for $414 million during its fourth fiscal quarter this year.
  • Currently holding 121,044 BTC, worth almost $7 billion, the company is sitting on a potential profit of more than $3 billion.

Scammers Steal $65,000 As YouTube Search Results Recommend Fake Apple Event Video

  • The scammer impersonated Apple, taking advantage of the highly anticipated October 18 event by the company.
  • No BTC was stolen, but more than 17 Ethereum were swindled out of their three owners.

ProShares BTC ETF to List on NYSE on Tuesday

  • Following several years of effort, ProShares will finally be able to list its Bitcoin Strategy ETF on the NYSE under the ticker "BITO".
  • Investors in traditional financial markets, who had concerns about investing into BTC, will now have exposure to the largest crypto by market cap.