Grayscale’s BCH, LTC Trusts Now Available

  • Both trusts' shares, available under the BCHG and LTCN tickers, became available for public trading after receiving DTC eligibility.
  • Unlike Grayscale's BTC trust, the BCH and LTC trusts are not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Grayscale’s SEC-Registered BTC Trust Almost Doubled In 6 Months

  • The dollar value of Grayscale's BTC trust has increased from $1.87 billion at the end of 2019, to $3.5 billion at the end of Q2 2020.
  • Being the first cryptocurrency investment vehicle to be registered with the SEC, Grayscale is required to file annual reports with the regulator.

Report: Hacking Operation Controlled 24% Of Tor Exit Relays

  • The hackers focused primarily on mixer services and other cryptocurrency-related websites.
  • At present, their reach has been reduced to only 10%, but a full solution is yet to be implemented.

MicroStrategy Invests $250 Million In Bitcoin

  • The firm was able to purchase 21,454 BTC, which will be MicroStrategy's primary reserve asset.
  • According to the company, the digital asset was an "attractive investment", which has more "long-term appreciation potential" than cash.

Chinese Police Arrest 27 Suspects Allegedly Behind PlusToken’s $5.7 Billion Bitcoin Scam

  • This is the first time that Chinese police act to bring down a large-scale Ponzi scheme using BTC as a means of exchange.
  • Investigators have so far uncovered 109 alleged leaders and core members, operating from countries all over the world.

Elliptic To Provide Crypto Surveillance Tools To LocalBitcoins

  • The peer-to-peer exchange will now make use of Elliptic's Navigator risk analysis and Lens wallet screening tools.
  • With these new tools, the exchange is trying to get rid of its reputation as one of the top destinations for dirty Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Suisse Completes Series A Funding, Raises $48 Million

  • The swiss crypto operator also added two new members to the Board of Directors.
  • Moreover, the company‚Äôs Chief Executive also announced an upcoming Security Token Offering.

Steve Wozniak Sues YouTube Over Bitcoin Scams

  • Woz accuses YouTube of using his name and likeness to profit from bitcoin scams.
  • He filed a complaint, claiming that the company has violated his right of publicity and aided fraudulent activities on the platform.

BitGo Becomes First Major Wallet Platform To Support FATF Travel Rule

  • The FATF Travel Rule will be implemented into all VASPs in the blockchain sector.
  • The measure is meant to create a more secure crypto environment for custodial clients.

WikiLeaks Integrates Bitcoin Lightning Payments Into Their Online Shop

  • Customers of WikiLeaks Shop can now buy merch and make transactions in a matter of seconds.
  • The organization plans to add as many crypto payment methods as possible.