SEC Chairman: BTC Needs Better Regulation to be Taken Seriously

SEC Chairman: BTC Needs Better Regulation to be Taken Seriously

  • Speaking at the CNBC's Delivering Alpha conference, Jay Clayton remarked that the crypto market needs to build strong investor protections.
  • He also added that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not go through the same price discovery practices as products on major exchanges.
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The Next Lightning Network release will Include Anti-Fraud ‘Watchtowers’

  • Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) will implement anti-fraud ‘Watchtowers’ in their next release.
  • Securing the Lightning Network was anticipated by many users who desire faster bitcoin payments and implementing “Watchtowers” should presumably crush most fraud attempts on the off-chain network.
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Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Capacity Sees a Substantial Drop

  • Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) capacity dropped with more than 13% recently, provoking doubts about its long-term capabilities among supporters.
  • The unexpected drop has been commented across different social media platforms with users pointing out that liquidity is also suffering.
  • One of the larger node operators on the network, LNBig did declare via Twitter that he might been involved in the downturn.
A payment being made with cash Is Launching a LocalBitcoins Competitor

  • is launching a localbitcoins alternative with no KYC requirements.
  • Thanks to new developments such as OP_CHECKDATASIG can provide escrow services without ever being in custody of the traded coins.
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Twitter Alternative Gab Has Forked Brave Browser’s Codebase, Replacing Basic Attention Tokens with Lightning...

Twitter alternative Gab has never shied away from controversy. Built with the goal to allow any free...
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Veriblock Is Using 27% of Bitcoin’s Block Space

The latest competitor of Binance Launchpad - Bittrex, has seen its first IEO sell out in seconds....
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Tone Vays Gets Bitcoin Mainstream Publicity with a Sarcastic Bet Proposition

Apart from the painful token price drops, crypto winter is also marked by a lack of mainstream...
Bitcoin Trading Volume Hits a Nine Month High

Bitcoin Trading Volume Hits a Nine Month High Amidst Bullish News for Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has surged from $3640 to almost $4000 within a few days, while the cryptocurrency's volume reached...
Bitcoin Long Bets Reached New 11 Month Highs

Bitcoin Long Bets Reached New 11 Month Highs

According to data from Bitfinex, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, bulls seem to...

Steve Wozniak Sold All His Bitcoins, Timing the Exact Top

During an interview with Seth Godin at the Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm, Steve Wozniak claimed that...