OKEx Integrates With P2P Bitcoin Marketplace Paxful

  • The new partnership will provide OKEx customers with over 160 new fiat currency onramps, and several new payment options.
  • The partnership will also make it possible for Paxful users to access a variety of trading options on the OKEx platform.

Wilshire Phoenix Files For New Bitcoin Investment Trust

  • Wilshire's new Bitcoin Commodity Trust will be similar to Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust.
  • While Grayscale's trust is known for its high 2% annual fee for custody, Wilshire has decided to propose a lower fee of 0.9%.

The Third Bitcoin Halving (Live Coverage)

  • Today marks a historic event in bitcoin's evolution as the third halving approaches.
  • After the halving, block reward will go down from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC, heavily disrupting the mining industry.

Coinbase, Kraken Experience Difficulties Amid Bitcoin Price Surge

  • Both exchanges seemed to have had issues with their APIs, which could have resulted from "very heavy traffic".
  • The brief outages might have also been connected to the price of Bitcoin, which jumped as high as 15% on Wednesday.

Here’s What Happened Before & After The First 2 Bitcoin Halving Events

  • The two previous halving events point to a price rally 4 - 6 months after the halving happens.
  • There is no clear indicator that suggests miners quit in droves after block rewards are halved.

U.S. Marshals Service to Auction 4,040 Confiscated Bitcoin in February

  • Worth nearly $40 million, the confiscated Bitcoins come from over 50 administrative forfeitures and legal cases.
  • Potential bidders are required to deposit $200,000, and will have until 12 February to register for the auction.

Bitcoin IRA Exceeds Record-High $400M

  • Bitcoin IRA’s platform allows users to easily create a new retirement account, track holdings in real-time and trade cryptocurrency 24/7.
  • According to COO Chris Kline, Bitcoin IRA is continuing to raise the bar in the industry with its one-of-a-kind features.

Despite Potential Drop to $6,000, Bitcoin Might Hit $25,000 by 2021

  • The prediction was made by Galaxy, a prominent crypto trader and researcher.
  • Other crypto enthusiasts such as Dave the Wave, Travis King, and Mike Novogratz, have also predicted that Bitcoin will hit $25,000 by 2021.

6-Figure Influential Bitcoin Trader Forecasts a Continued BTC Price Slump

  • Zoran Kole, a highly respected crypto trader, states that the bottom of the pit is yet to be seen.
  • The effects of Bakkt's launch on the digital assets market are yet to match the hype that was mounting during the project's development.

Researchers Describe Bitcoin Attack That Could Halt Lightning Payments

  • According to the paper by Schmid, Tochner and Zohar, a DoS attack might be carried out easily once the network is used heavily.
  • Of course, this attack is still conceptual and by the time it is achievable there should be a way to stop it.