University of North Texas Adopts Blockchain Credentials Platform

  • GreenLight Credentials allows students to instantly share their university transcript with potential employers all around the world.
  • GreenLight's digital platform also helps UNT at Dallas to enroll students from the area.

The National Digital Currency of The Marshall Islands Will Be Powered by Algorand

  • The new digital asset will utilise a co-chain of Algorand, instead of the main chain.
  • Its price will be pegged to the US dollar and it will be gradually released to the public via a ICO-like process that would continue for 18 months.

BitPay Will Support BTC and BCH Payments From Any Wallet or Exchange

  • The change of direction is part of a series of decisions aimed at expanding BitPay's user base.
  • The company has explained the potential risks with the new approach, and the measures taken to allow for the same smooth user experience as before.

Tianjin University, Hoopox Establish Blockchain Research Laboratory

  • The initiative is expected to create traction between talents and big industry players that will work on blockchain development.
  • The official ceremony saw speeches by the CEO of Hoopax and the Secretary of Tianjin University Party Committee.

BRICS Nations Could Use Cryptocurrency for New Payment System

  • The five member nations discussed the development of a new payment system for settlements, which could use cryptocurrencies.
  • The discussed digital currency will most likely be used to facilitate trade transactions.

Nestle and Carrefour to Track Baby Milk With IBM’s Platform

  • In order to boost consumer confidence in their infant milk formula, the two companies will use IBM's Food Trust blockchain platform.
  • Customers can access a range of data on the product's origins and movement by scanning a QR code.

Is Pro Gamers Earning Cryptocurrency the Gaming Industry’s New Golden Goose?

  • The gaming-cryptocurrency connection is being solidified, but there is a lot of room for improvement.
  • Not all cryptocurrencies are accepted in games that allow in-game purchases with crypto.

Top Central Bank Official: Chinese Commercial Banks Should Adopt Blockchain

  • Li Wei echoed the Chinese presidential speech, calling for adoption of blockchain technology in digital finance.
  • During his speech, he focused on how blockchain could be a solution to China's current banking problems.

China Calls For Accelerated Blockchain Adoption

  • Speaking at a Politburo Committee session, the Chinese President said that blockchain technology is key to promoting technological innovation.
  • He also stated that a platform needs to be created to help with blockchain adoption in areas such as education, employment, and food safety.

Opera Browser First to Add Direct Bitcoin Payments

  • Users can now track their remaining BTC and TRX directly from the Android version of the Opera Browser.
  • They are also able to interact with dapps on the TRON blockchain, as well as make purchases with BTC.