IDC Forecasts Worldwide Spending On Blockchain To Reach $4.1 Billion In 2020

  • Worldwide spending on blockchain is said to increase with a growth rate of over 40% in all major industries.
  • As the COVID-19 crisis forced many corporations to adopt emerging technology, the benefits of blockchain have started to attract significant interest.

Vienna, Singapore Stock Exchanges Advance Institutional Crypto Adoption

  • The Vienna Stock Exchange has become the third regulated market in the world to list BTC and ETH products.
  • The Singapore Exchange, on the other hand, has revealed its plans to list price indexes for both Bitcoin and Ethereum, paving the way for adoption.

Bermuda Pilots A Digital Token To Stimulate The Economy After COVID-19

  • The pilot program comes as a response to the ineffective physical distribution of funds after the lockdown.
  • The government decided on engaging private entities to issue the tokens on their behalf, as banks struggle to stay on top of tech innovations due to regulations.

Bank Of England Joins Other Major Banks In Historic CBDC Meeting

  • Swiss National Bank, ING Nederland, and Hungarian National Bank will also attend the meeting.
  • The central banks will not only share the findings from their internal CBDC research, but will also discuss possible infrastructural designs of such a central bank digital currency.

Grayscale’s BCH, LTC Trusts Now Available

  • Both trusts' shares, available under the BCHG and LTCN tickers, became available for public trading after receiving DTC eligibility.
  • Unlike Grayscale's BTC trust, the BCH and LTC trusts are not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Rolls Royce, ING, Others Join The Blockchain Education Alliance

  • The goal of the alliance is to provide the skills, connections, and knowledge to students interested in blockchain development.
  • Launched in October 2019, the organization also tries to link corporate blockchain projects with researchers, students and new protocols.

BCB Group Partners With Circle To Offer Stablecoin Payments

  • BCB's partnership with Circle will allow the group to improve its infrastructure for efficient USDC payouts and settlements.
  • The partnership was also spurred by a growing demand for dollar-pegged stablecoins.

Goldman Sachs Appoints New Head Of Digital Assets, Doubles Team’s Headcount

  • The new leader of Goldman’s digital assets team will be financial market veteran Mathew McDermott.
  • The bank has expressed its intentions to further bet on blockchain technology by allowing him to double the size of his team.

Electric Capital Raises $110 Million To Advance Blockchain Adoption

  • The VC fund has partnered with various institutional investors to line up resources for the next wave of crypto entrepreneurs.
  • The company will explore new opportunities in Layer 1 protocols, DeFi products and crypto-enabled marketplaces.

Italian Banks Adopt R3’s Corda Blockchain To Improve Interbank Data Transfers

  • According to the Italian Banking Association, a total of 55 banks have been onboarded on the Corda-based blockchain platform.
  • As the Interbank Agreement was updated last year, more lenders are expected to integrate the standard by October.