Federal Reserve to Engage With Public Regarding Digital Dollar

  • Engaging the public is needed in order for the Fed to understand what a possible CBDC will be used for.
  • While the U.S. central bank is debating the need for a CBDC, other countries are getting closer to releasing their own national digital currencies.

MicroStrategy Purchases Additional $1B Worth of Bitcoin

  • This is MicroStrategy's fourth and largest Bitcoin purchase to date.
  • Unlike previous investments, the latest $1 billion purchase was made in cash. Passes 10 Million Users Mark

  • The crypto app experienced a significant growth in its user base over the last four months, jumping from 5 million users to more than 10 million.
  • The increased interest in the platform drove its revenue growth to 10x in 2020 alone, and its employee count from 250 to over 900 globally.

This is How DOGE Reacts When Elon Musk Tweets

  • The founder of Tesla and SpaceX has tweeted thirteen times about the meme coin in February.
  • The first tweet caused a spike of 40% in half an hour, while subsequent tweets produced mixed results.

Robinhood to Offer Crypto Deposits, Withdrawals

  • It is unclear when Robinhood's new functionality will launch.
  • The app currently lists seven cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin (DOGE).

World’s First CBDC Now Supported by Mastercard

  • The Sand Dollar Mastercard was created under a new program from Mastercard and Island Pay.
  • The CBDC card will be accepted for payments across the Caribbean region, and anywhere in the world Mastercard is supported.

MicroStrategy Looking to Raise $600M to Further Invest in Bitcoin

  • Qualified institutional investors will soon have the opportunity to purchase $600 million worth of aggregate principal amount of convertible senior notes due 2027.
  • Initial purchasers of the notes could also have the option of buying an additional $90 million within a 13-day period from when the notes were first issued.

SBI in Talks With Foreign Firms to Establish Joint Crypto Ventures

  • Yoshitaka Kitao, the CEO of SBI Holdings, said a joint crypto venture was needed for his firm to remain a leading financial services company.
  • SBI's plans were apparently prompted by Tesla's announcement of its crypto-related plans.

Mastercard to Support Cryptocurrency

  • Mastercard will initially support stablecoins due to their reliability and security.
  • Crypto payments will be processed by Mastercard's external partners and converted to fiat currencies.

Microsoft, LVMH, JP Morgan Among Billion-Dollar Companies Using ConsenSys Quorum

  • The Forbes Blockchain 50 list revealed that there are nine companies with a billion-dollar valuation using the ConsenSys Quorum.
  • Another 22 companies said they were using Ethereum in some way.