Find news regarding the adoption of blockchain tech in business.

Inside The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show
  • The transaction between Daimler and Dürr included an order and delivery agreement, with the payment being secured by a conditional payment commitment from Daimler's bank.
  • The successful transaction showed the two firms that a process, that usually takes days, could be completed in minutes using blockchain technology.
FDA Could Use Blockchain for Medical Reviews and Recalls
  • The agency is planning to use AI, APIs, and blockchain tech in order to improve interoperability.
  • The improved surveillance of medical products will also assist in "determining when something should be recalled or a product label should be adjusted".
Moscow city skyline at night
  • Developers will have 60 days from signing the agreement to develop an Ethereum-based system for the city's services.
  • The platform should be able to integrate with Moscow's other blockchain experiments.
Samsung's Blockchain Keystore Now Supports Bitcoin
  • Samsung has quietly added support for Bitcoin and Klaytn to its decentralized application store.
  • The Blockchain Keystore is supported on six of Samsungs' series 10 devices, namely S10e, S10, S10+, S10 5G, Note10 and Note10+.
New IBM Blockchain Project Backed up by Big Names in the Business
  • Trust Your Supplier accompanies IBM’s rewarding track-and-trace supply and logistics blockchain consortia, encompassing TradeLens and Food Trust.
  • IBM Blockchain general manager commented the strengths, plans and ideas hovering around the new activity.
Samsung's Blockchain Keystore Now Offering 17 DApps
  • Since its introduction in March, the number of dApps on Samsung's Blockchain Keystore has increased from four to seventeen.
  • Even though Samsung was the first to create its own wallet, its competitors LG and Apple have hinted their intentions to follow suit.
An airplane flying in bright daylight
  • S7 developed its blockchain-powered sales network through a partnership with Russia's largest private bank - Alfa-Bank.
  • The platform was developed with the help of Hyperledger Fabric, which let S7 safely and privately store data of different members, and expand the number of its automated processes.
Gaming Startup Given the Green Light by the SEC To Issue Ethereum-Based Tokens
  • The newly-created token will be the first one on the ERC-20 standard to receive SEC approval.
  • Players would not be able to sell and exchange Quarters between themselves.
Shell Sees Opportunities in Blockchain Technology
  • Shell blockchain tech lead Sabine Brink mentions several possible use cases.
  • Shell is also using the EW Chain, created by the Energy Web Foundation (EWF), in their production environment.
Brave Browser Publishers Reach The 200,000 Milestone
  • Popular publishers from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo, and Reddit, as well as websites such as WikiHow,, and many others, are joining in.
  • Youtube accounts are leading the way with sixfold growth over the past 6 months.