PayPal Reportedly In Acquisition Talks With BitGo

  • Considering PayPal's new crypto offering would in effect make it a custodian, the firm's reported interest in BitGo is not surprising.
  • The anonymous sources did however say that a deal between the two is far from certain, and that "PayPal could opt to buy other targets".

FTX Acquires Blockfolio For $150 Million

  • The goal is to create a new standard for quality in retail experiences, while releasing innovative new products and features.
  • FTX’s CEO has declared the company’s intentions to further expand Blockfolio and scale up its value.

Crypto Debit Card Provider Swipe Acquired By Binance

  • The acquisition will help the two companies work together on bridging the gap between fiat and digital assets.
  • Though the acquisition was made for an undisclosed amount, the two firms have already listed each other's native tokens on their respective platforms.

Coinbase Acquires Crypto Brokerage Tagomi

  • Though the specifics of the purchase remain unknown, the two firms did say the deal is expected to be finalized later this year.
  • Since its launch 18 months ago, Tagomi has attracted clients such as Paradigm, Pantera, Bitwise and Muticoin. Will Continue Operating Under New Leadership

  • One of the most influential early bitcoin startups has reversed its decision to terminate all operations.
  • Early Purse investor Roger Ver most was most certainly involved in bringing the popular service back to full functionality.

AmaZix Capital, 0rigin Ventures to Purchase AML-Focused Blockchain WORBLI

  • In addition to purchasing 100% of WORBLI's assets, the two funds will also get 10% of the circulating supply of the WBI token.
  • The acquisition will speed up the development of WORBLI's KYC and AML product.

Binance Acquires DappReview

  • Binance will provide the platform with support in non-technical fields, such as marketing and business development.
  • DappReview will maintain its independence in areas such as technical development and operations.

The Winklevoss Twins Acquire Nifty Gateway

  • The Nifty Gateway platform facilitates the purchase of non-fungible tokens for some of the most popular crypto games and apps.
  • The reason behind the purchase was the twins belief that all collectibles, real-world and digital, will one day transition to a blockchain.

Kik’s Messaging App Sold, Kin Integration Still in the Works

  • Even though the app was to be shut because of the U.S. SEC lawsuit, it will continue to operate under new ownership, the holding company MediaLab.
  • The new owner will continue work on the Kin cryptocurrency integration, but will also enable ads on the platform.