Illustration from Freepik

The cryptocurrency industry has seen a lot of fierce competition lately but we might soon witness something on completely different level – the first MMA match between people well-known across the crypto area of interest.

Jason Appleton organized a charity fight between the founder of Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinson, and the popular YouTuber ChicoCrypto. All profits will go to St. Judes Children’s hospital.

What may have started as a joke might be well underway, as Hoskinson confirmed his participation with the definitive “let’s raise a million for the kids”.


ChicoCrypto also confirmed his part of the deal via a live stream. Both opponents will have approximately 9 months to train and prepare as the MMA match would be held in August 2020.

The curious upcoming MMA match provoked many comments. Some of them were full with anticipation and laughter while others were not that amusing.

As part of the former, Altcoin Jack commented that the cryptocurrency MMA gala could feature other high-profile matches that would also be of huge interest to the community.

As part of the latter, a user expressed his opinion that such hype events actually block the way for the actually important news related to Cardano.

As we might speculate, this idea was inspired by the boxing match between YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI. The forthcoming MMA fight between Charles Hoskinson and ChicoCrypto will easily bring a huge buzz to the cryptocurrency world.

No matter what the opinions are, at least all is for a good cause. So, if in the end millions are really raised for the kids, all opponents of the bout would be proven wrong.