Joins $150 Million Terra Ecosystem Fund

  • will also run a new validator node for the Terra network.
  • The investment in LUNA comes after a hugely successful year that saw surpass $1 trillion in crypto transactions. app seen on the screen


According to a blog post published on 30 August, has joined Terra’s recently announced $150 million Terra Ecosystem Fund, which offers access to deals with projects building apps, protocols, or tools on the Terra Network. 

As part of its entrance into the Terra ecosystem, has also invested an undisclosed amount of funds into Terra’s native token LUNA, which is the staking and governance asset of the ecosystem, designed to absorb the short-term volatility of the suite of stablecoins deployed on the Terra blockchain. will also be running a new validator node for the Terra network, supporting a burgeoning ecosystem of more than 60 applications set to launch within the next several weeks. 

The company’s latest announcement comes after a major milestone, with having surpassed $1 trillion in crypto transacted on its platform. The majority of all transactions processed through Wallets have taken place over the past two years, the company said in a blog post. 

The company explained that its massive growth was seen across all markets—retail, institutional, and brokerage/exchange. 

“What makes unique is that we have a thriving business in three key parts of the market. With diverse sources of revenue, great products to meet consumer demand, and a team in place we’re confident we’ll see sustained growth for years to come,” Macrina Kgil, the CFO at, said in the post. 

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