Bitwise Launches Uniswap, Aave Funds

  • The two funds will invest directly in Uniswap’s and Aave’s native tokens.
  • Anchorage Digital Bank will serve as the custodian for both funds.
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In a press release published on 3 August, Bitwise Asset Management announced the launch of the Bitwise Uniswap (UNI) Fund and the Bitwise Aave (AAVE) Fund. The two funds will invest directly in UNI and AAVE and will form part of a growing suite of DeFi products Bitwise offers. Earlier this year, the company launched the Bitwise DeFi Crypto Index Fund, the first DeFi index fund in a traditional fund format. Anchorage Digital Bank, which became the first federally chartered digital asset bank in the U.S., will serve as the custodian for both funds.

Matt Hougan, the CIO of Bitwise, said that the company has seen growing demand from financial advisors, hedge funds, institutions, and other professional investors for exposure to the DeFi market. 

“Uniswap and Aave are the two largest DeFi protocols in our DeFi index and are the largest decentralized exchange and decentralized lending protocol in the world, respectively. Bitwise’s vision is to make the opportunities emerging in crypto more accessible, and we’re thrilled to take another step with the world’s first Uniswap and Aave investment funds,” he said in the company’s press release. 

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