Bitcoin Cash Closely Follows EOS in a Bullish Monday Frenzy

It seems Ethereum’s Constantinople update news have finally managed to overturn the sideways market of the past week. What was initially a steady upwards trend that only included Ethereum and a couple other digital assets, has turned into a full-blown bullish trend overnight.

Ethereum’s Constantinople update is expected on February 28 and the market is obviously reacting to it. Ethereum led the way through the bearish blockade, but not long after, all of the most popular cryptocurrencies followed.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash (+20.49% 24h change) closely follows EOS (+23.85% 24h change) as the biggest winners in the top 20 digital assets on CoinMarketCap.


Ethereum is just about “hanging on” at +15.03% 24h change with Bitcoin looking strong to test and even break the $4,000 psychological limit, which it last managed to do in the middle of January, again, in the midst of the buzz around the Ethereum Constantinople update.

While these “realms” may seem, on first glance, unrelated, the crypto market is very intertwined and news about any of the top cryptocurrencies has proven, time and again, to influence the entire market.

There’s still more than a week left before the Constantinople update and it will be really interesting to see if ETH will be able to test the $200 price range.