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The ICO hype of 2017 offered one often overlooked way to make money – participating in bounty programs on the forums. Different ways of helping with marketing – joining Slack channels and Telegram groups, creating marketing material, YouTube videos and blog posts, translating whitepapers and many others – ended up rewarding active users with a significant portion of the total market cap of novel crypto assets.

Even today, there are top 25 coins in terms of market cap that used to dedicate 1% of their capitalisation to bounty hunters on the forum. However, the end of the ICO hype marked the end of lucrative bounty offers.

Or at least, until Binance decided to revive this forgotten tradition.


A fixed amount of $100,000 in WRX tokens is dedicated to users who manage to complete a few simple tasks on the platform between January 23rd and February 2nd. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Using Binance’s fiat gateway capabilities to purchase $10 worth of crypto or more.
  2. Trade Binance Coin on the exchange
  3. Convert $10 worth of any eligible stablecoin to BUSD
  4. Refer a friend to open a Binance Futures account
  5. Complete a valid Binance Futures trade

At least three of the tasks should be completed in order to receive a WRX reward, and the more tasks the user completes, the higher the reward.

The full terms of the bounty offering are available on the official website of the exchange.

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