Krasimir Buchvarov

Krasimir has been following the development of blockchain technology for several years and is optimistic about its potential. He covers breaking news in the sphere, focusing on innovation, regulation, and the cryptocurrency market.

Sweden to Begin One Year Tests of its CBDC

  • Participants in the pilot project will hold their e-krona's in a digital wallet, and make payments, deposits and withdrawals through a mobile app.
  • The bank has also said that if the e-krona is ever released to the public it would not replace cash, but complement it.

SEC Settles Charges Against Enigma’s $45M Token Sale

  • "Harmed investors" will have the options to receive a refund with interest through a claims process, or keep their tokens.
  • The firm will also have to register its tokens as securities, file periodic reports with the SEC, and pay a $500,000 fine.

Northern Data, Canaan to Work on AI, Blockchain, Data Center Operations

  • Thanks to the new partnership, both companies will be able to expand geographically, and advance technologically.
  • Northern Data has vowed to reveal even more partnerships in the coming months.

Russia Proposes New Tokenization Framework, Says Crypto Transactions Are Suspicious

  • Russia's central bank has completed a pilot project for the issuance of tokenized assets.
  • The country is also planning to update its bank guidance, and could label the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies as suspicious activities.

Binance Expands To Singapore With New License Application

  • The firm's CEO and co-founder, Changpeng Zhao, has said that their Singaporean entity was in close touch with local regulators.
  • If approved, Binance will be regulated under Singapore's current AML and counterterrorist-financing rules.

Wells Fargo Invests in Elliptic’s Series B Funding Round

  • The fresh $5 million investment will not only help Elliptic expand in Asia, but also fuel the roll out of a new products.
  • Elliptic's Series B round has now raised more than $28 million.

Tether To Use Chainalysis’ AML Compliance Tools

  • With the help of Chainalysis' Know-Your-Transaction tool, Tether will be able to track potential criminal activities.
  • While Tether can not confiscate the tokens used in a "high risk" transaction, it can still freeze the wallets that contain them.

London-Based Startup to Apply for U.K. Banking License to Serve Crypto Firms

  • This will be DAG Global's second attempt at a full banking license in the U.K., after its failed attempt in 2018.
  • The company is hopeful regulators will approve its application this time, seeing how it has not raised any "red flags" so far.

BitGo Launches Two New Crypto Custody Entities in Europe

  • In order to expand its global reach, the firm decided to launch two new custodial subsidiaries in Switzerland and Germany.
  • By being regulated by different financial authorities, the two entities will provide its clients with the option to choose a jurisdiction.

U.S. Federal Reserve Now Open To The Idea Of CBDC, Researches DLT

  • The U.S. Federal Reserve has followed the example of 80% of the world's central banks, and started researching the potential use cases o DLT.
  • The sudden change in stance is probably due to concerns over privately issued digital currencies.