Krasimir Buchvarov

Krasimir has been following the development of blockchain technology for several years and is optimistic about its potential. He covers breaking news in the sphere, focusing on innovation, regulation, and the cryptocurrency market.

Craig’s Lies Continue: Kleiman Alleges Wright Possesses Key To Encrypted BTC File

  • The plaintiff's legal team points to the movement of $1.6 million in BTC from addresses contained in Craig Wright's list.
  • A Redditor, who studies all lists in great detail, explains that all three lists have recently been active.

Iran To Draft National Crypto Mining Strategy

  • Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, ordered the government to draw up a renewed national approach for crypto mining.
  • The development comes barely two days after the Iranian parliament moved to include cryptocurrencies into its foreign currency exchange regulations.

EOSDT Stablecoin Adds Binance, Eosfinex To Governance Board

  • The exchanges will now act as "governance supervisors", and will be responsible for approving smart contract upgrades.
  • Currently, Equilibrium has four block producers, each of which has a portion of a multi-signature key.

Tokensoft Uses Ethereum To Distribute $4M In Equity

  • The company decided to distribute ERC-1404 tokens to investors who participated in its 2018 Series Seed round.
  • Thanks to the tokenized equity, investors will be able to receive real-time periodic dividend payments.

Bank of France 1st To Successfully Test Digital Euro

  • The Banque de France's first successful test with digital euro was carried out in collaboration with investment bank Societe Generale.
  • Though the bank did not reveal much, the test indicates that the pilot program is focusing more on the wholesale use of CBDC.

Libra Hires Former FinCEN Official As General Counsel

  • Libra's new General Counsel, Robert Werner, previously acted as director of both FinCEN and OFAC.
  • He also held senior positions in financial firms, such as HSBC, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, and is the founder and CEO of GRH Consulting.

Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange BitMEX Experiences Issues

  • It took roughly an hour for BitMEX's security team to bring the platform back online, though in cancel mode only.
  • Days before the outage, the exchange was hit with a major lawsuit, from the same company that sued Ripple.

Block.​One Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over EOS ICO, Again

  • The new class action complaint accuses the firm of taking $200 million from U.S. investors during its ICO.
  • The development comes only months after the firm paid $24 million to the SEC, after an investigation into the ICO.

Bitcoin To Ethereum Bridge Shuts Down 2 Days After Launch

  • The tBTC project will have all its deposits paused for the next 10 days, because of a yet-undisclosed bug.
  • The team behind the project is currently busy with "helping users drain funds", full post-mortem expected in time.

Majority Of Telegram ICO Investors Preferring To Leave Ship Early

  • Reportedly, around 80% of investors from the Disruptive Era Fund are preferring the 72% refund option.
  • Some, like the executive director of investment firm Exante, Anatoly Knyazev, have already received their refund.