Georgi Stefanov

Gerogi is one of those people who are interested in everything, though his specialty is technology. Recently, he has been involved in the blockchain sector, experimenting with various use cases that apply the technology. He also occasionally writes on blockchain-related topics that have really caught his attention.

Satoshi Used Timestamps For Early Bitcoin Source Code Versioning

  • We analyse early Bitcoin source code archives - a preliminary version from November 2008, 0.1.0 (both RAR and TGZ), and 0.1.3.
  • We conclude that Satoshi used timestamps as a versioning scheme, before the SourceForge repository was established in mid-2009.

Modern Data Privacy: Browser Crypto Wallets & Client-Side Encryption

  • Learn how you can use crypto wallets to encrypt data and avoid data breach liability.
  • We also cover the two different types of encryption that you can use, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.