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On November 19, Algorand announced the launch of the Algorand Partner Program (APP), which aims to create an ecosystem that enables the development and delivery of blockchain-based products to the public.

According to the announcement, the program will support various companies at different stages of development, “from those exploring blockchain’s potential to those already working on blockchain projects”. Organizations that join APP will be able to make use of Algorand’s resources and expertise to expand their businesses and bring their services to end-users.

Algorand listed twelve of its new partners, which will join the platform and begin the development of their Algorand-based solutions. These companies include:

  • Applied Blockchain, a security company developing privacy-preserving software.
  • Rocket Insights, a product agency for creating mobile and web apps.
  • Mentat Innovations, a company developing artificial intelligence solutions for enterprises.   
  • BLOCKCHAIN, a software developer specialized in creating solutions for Fintechs.
  • Nona Digital, a custom software studio for scaling blockchain companies.
  • Emali, a technology company that develops AI, blockchain, and privacy-based solutions for Fintechs.
  • Bluemi, a technology company developing payment solutions for blockchain.
  • Cartan, a data monitoring and reporting company for the Caribbean financial industry.
  • IntellectEU, an international technology company focusing on digital finance and emerging technologies.
  • Looptribe, a software consulting company specializing in innovative digital services.
  • Reach, a consulting company for building and delivering applications and Algorand.
  • Koibanx, a blockchain infrastructure provider for asset tokenization and settlement optimization.

W. Sean Ford, COO of Algorand, stated that as major institutions begin to leverage blockchain technology, more support and resources will be needed for startup companies and developers.

“Algorand’s Partner Program will help companies navigate their path to building enduring value through blockchain adoption,” Ford stated.

Algorand also revealed its plans to expand this program and add more partners globally in order to integrate Algorand-based products with bigger enterprises. At present, the company is looking for new developers interested in leveraging its blockchain and delivering apps, including consulting firms, system integrators, software development firms, infrastructure service providers, and others.

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