What a year it has been for blockchain. Most notably, this has been the first year in which blockchain technology is starting to get vast recognition outside of its cryptocurrency application.

Gone are the days when everyone thinks that bitcoin is all there is to blockchain. Major corporations around the world are now experimenting and already using blockchain solutions to improve their operations, finally recognizing the potential of decentralization.

The financial services sector is certainly the industry where most of the innovation is happening, seeing as the technology’s advantages greatly match the improvement demands of the sector.


The crypto market on the other hand has comparatively experienced a slow year, going swiftly through a few bullish and bearish trends before ultimately sliding back into a stagnant position.

Fraud has been a major problem for the blockchain-enabled cryptocurrency industry, with too many occurrences of exchange hacks, Ponzi schemes, phishing scams, and mining malware. This malicious activity is crippling the crypto market, keeping it stagnant as bulls engage in an endless tug of war with the bears.

But despite all this, the digital assets market has performed much more on the positive side compared to 2018. We even saw an explosive bull run for a second, reminiscent of the one towards the end of 2017.

Through innovation and regulation, through uptrends and downtrends, and through trials and real-world application, the blockchain sector has entered its innovation stage – the stage when companies race to become the new Apple, Google, and Microsoft of what’s shaping up to be the decade of distributed ledger technology.

But before we turn the page over completely, It is only natural that we commemorate the defining blockchain events of the last year of the previous decade, a decade which picked up from the ashes of the 2008 economic crisis to birth a trustless self-governed financial system by the name of Bitcoin – the one that started it all.

The story of blockchain in 2019

January 7

First Mimblewimble Coin Launches Mainnet

Privacy-focused Beam went live using the Mimblewimble blockchain design.

Cryptopia Announces Security Breach, Goes Offline

The hack that ultimately lead to the liquidation of the exchange happened so early in the year.

January 14
January 15

Ethereum Shows First Signs of Life

Recovering to about $130, Ethereum led the way for the first bullish trend of the year.

Grin Mainnet Goes Live

The privacy-focused cryptocurrency with an anonymous development team mined the first block at 17:38 UTC.

January 16
January 20

Wyoming Proposes Tokenization of Stocks Bill

House Bill 0185 was jointly filled by representatives Olsen, Hunt, Brown, Lindholm, Western and Zwonitzer, and senators Driskill and Rothfuss.

CoinEx Token Jumps 40%

Following news of Haipo Yang’s release from prison, founder of ViaBTC and CoinEx, the token skyrocketed in market cap.

January 22
January 25

Zilliqa, MaiCoin Partner on Security Token Exchange

The centralized security token exchange was announced as Hg Exchange.

WordPress Announces Blockchain-Empowered Publishing Platform

Titled Newspack, the new product by WordPress was marketed as an inexpensive platform for small and medium-sized news organizations.

January 25
January 26

NY Regulator Approves BitLicense Applications for Robinhood, LibertyX

Receiving the BitLicense meant that the two companies could now legally operate in New York.

Localbitcoins Security Breach

Users of the website quickly identified that the site’s forum page redirected to a phishing page.

January 26
January 26

Ripple Reports That They Sold $535 Million Worth of XRP in 2018

The Q4 2018 report by the company showed strong numbers, support, and demand for the XRP ecosystem.

Liqui Shuts Down

The cryptocurrency exchange promptly notified its users that it will close its operations with a farewell notice.

January 28
January 29

Kraken Evolves With New Website Design

Featuring contrasting colours representing the dynamic nature of the markets, the company completely revamped their exchange’s website.

Squire Mining CEO Resigns

After poor ASIC prototype performance, Taras Kulyk stepped down as CEO and director of the Canadian-based Squire Mining Ltd.

February 1
February 1

Kik Announces it Will Fight SEC Over ICO Allegations

The Canadian-based startup decided not to bend to the will of the SEC, which accused the company of selling unregistered securities in its ICO back in 2017.

BitTorrent Token Sale Ends in 15 Minutes

One of the most notable IEOs on Binance Launchpad sold close to 60 billion BTT (about $7 million) in under 15 minutes, despite a small system issue.

February 1
February 7

Opera Adds Crypto Support

Users of the Android version of the browser were now able to easily buy ETH.

Litecoin Jumps 20%

Following news of Mimblewimble support and Beam partnership, the popular cryptocurrency pumped very quickly.

February 8
February 9

Zcash Reveals a Counterfeiting Vulnerability Fix

The vulnerability was discovered by Ariel Gabizon, an engineer at the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company. The vulnerability was subsequently fixed in 2018.

Fake MetaMask Removed From Google Play Store

The app contained malware and was identified by Eset researchers.

February 12
February 15

Luxembourg Passes Bill, Gives Blockchain Securities Legal Status

Bill 7363 aimed to provide legal certainty and transparency to financial market participants who use blockchain tech to issue securities.

Bitmain Announces 7nm Mining Chip

The announcement troubled current, at the time, SHA256 mining machines, making them potentially obsolete.

February 18
February 20

Binance Launches DEX Testnet

The company made their decentralized exchange available for users to create wallets, exchange tokens, and interact with the platform in a test environment.

The Ethereum Foundation Releases 5th Wave of Grants

Seven grant recipients received an undisclosed sum of funds. Comparatively, the fourth wave of grants awarded around $3 million to 20 different entities.

February 23
February 25

Fetch.AI IEO Sells Out in Minutes

Binance Launchpad promoted and held the IEO, which nostalgically reminded people of the ICO craze back in 2017, when projects sold out digital assets in seconds.

Accenture, Mastercard, Amazon, Announce Blockchain-Enabled Supply Chain

The announcement described using blockchain technology to improve circular supply chain.

February 26
February 28

Sony, Fujitsu Initiate Blockchain Trial for Education

The partnership aimed to test the viability of blockchain technology in the management of course records and exam grades.

Ethereum Adds Two Upgrades

Constantinople and St. Petersburg went live on the ETH blockchain.

March 1
March 2

First Rumors of Facebook’s Libra Appear

The New York Times report on a highly-secretive Facebook cryptocurrency project.

Cryptopia Shares Info on Stolen Amount

More than 6 weeks after the security breach, still a lot of speculation was surrounding the situation. Reports at the time suggested that about $16 million was stolen.

March 2
March 11

Ground X Raises $90 Million

Participants in the private token sale included firms such as IDG Capital, Crescendo Equity Partners, and Translink Capital.

EU Report Recommends Blockchain Interoperability Standards

The report was published by the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum (EUBOF) and was titled “Scalability, Interoperability and Sustainability of Blockchain”.

March 12
March 14

Tether Updates Terms, Raises Suspicions

Building up to that point, a lot of speculation had amassed surrounding Tether’s USD reserves, in light of the lack of a full independent audit.

MtGox CEO Sentenced

Mark Karpeles was found guilty of record tampering and not guilty of embezzlement, receiving two and a half years of suspended sentence.

March 16
March 17

Bittrex Cancels RAID Token Sale, Postpones Indefinitely

The plan was for the project to raise $6 million in the first ever IEO on the platform.

Celer IEO Concludes With Community Disappointment

Although the sale completed really fast as had become traditional for IEOs on Binance Launchpad, there was a lot of negative comments regarding the participation process.

March 19
March 20

Bitmain Releases Antminer Z11

The new internal circuit structure described the Z11 as capable of achieving three times the hash rate of its predecessor – all the way up to 135 KSol/s.

Huobi Joins the IEO Race

Similar to Binance Launchpad, Huobi prime aimed to provide the platform’s customers with an easy way to access altcoin tokens before they appear on other major exchanges.

March 22
March 22

AriseBank CEO Pleads Guilty

Jared Rice Sr., former CEO of AriseBank, pleaded guilty to one count of securities fraud, related to a $4.2 million ICO scam.

TOP Network IEO Ends in Seconds

A huge success for the first IEO on Huobi Prime.

March 27
March 27

Bitmain Announces New CEO

The former chief of engineering Wang Haichao was appointed as the new chief executive officer of the company.

Voltaire Exchange Shuts Down

Seemingly out of nowhere, the cryptocurrency exchange notified its customers that it will be closing down operations.

March 27
March 29

Airbnb Makes Reservations with Crypto Gift Cards Possible

Bitrefill, a digital gift card provider, partnered with Airbnb to make possible reservations with cryptocurrency.

Bithumb Hacked, Again

This time the cryptocurrency exchange lost around $19 million in a hack considered to be an inside job. This was the second major breach the exchange experienced in less than a year.

March 30
April 3

Liquid Valued at Over $1 Billion

The Series C funding round of the company, reportedly led by IDG Capital, ended with a valuation of the company of over $1 billion.

PewDiePie Partners With DLive

With more than 93 million subscribers on YouTube, PewDiePie became the biggest live streamer to join the fast-growing blockchain-based broadcasting service, amid frustrations with Twitch.

April 11
April 11

Julian Assange Supporters Send Donations Amid Arrest

In reaction to the WikiLeaks founder being imprisoned after Ecuador reclined his asylum, supporters of his cause started sending Bitcoin donations in large amounts, hoping to help in any way possible.

IMF, World Bank Launch Education Token

In a report, the two institutions mentioned Learning Coin, which is not a cryptocurrency and has no monetary value, but will rather be used to explore blockchain technology in the educational sector.

April 16
April 16

Second Huobi Prime IEO Ends Succesfully

The Newton Project saw 16,360 users participate in its IEO, easily reaching the hard cap in three stages with increasing token prices.

Coinnest Closes Down

The South Korea-based crypto exchange ended its operations amid decreasing trading volumes and regulatory issues.

April 19
April 21

TaaS Shuts Down

After two years of active trading and investing, one of the first and most popular ICO-funded crypto hedge funds announced that it will stop its market trading activities and distribute assets to all token holders.

Zaif Resumes Full Service After Hack

The Japanese crypto exchange that was previously hacked, resumed its operations after transferring management from Tech Bureau to Fisco Digital Asset Group.

April 22
April 23

U.K. Startup Raises $3.9 Million in London Stock Exchange Test issuance

Known as 20|30, the company was able to successfully use its capital raising platform TokenFactory to execute the test issuance.

LA Times Becomes a Verified Brave Browser Publisher

Following in the footsteps of other major publications such as The Guarding and The Washington Post, the LA Times joining the decentralized ad network of Brave further cemented the viability of the new privacy-focused browser.

April 24
April 26

Bitfinex Alleged of Using Tether Funds to Cover $850 Million Loss

New York Attorney General Letitia James and her office obtained a court order against iFinex Inc., the company behind Bitfinex and Tether Limited, accusing them of covering an $850 million loss to Crypto Capital Corp using Tether funds that should have been exclusively used to back USDT.

Bitmain Antminer T17 Becomes Available for Purchase

Priced at $1,270 at the time, the machine was marketed as being able to mine SHA256-based cryptocurrencies at 40TH/s.

April 28
April 30

Nasdaq Announce Addition of Brave New Coin’s XRP Liquidity Index

The new index was called XRP Liquid Index (XRPLX) and was announced to be added on May 1, referencing the rate for the price of XRP in USD.

Elon Musk Talks Ethereum

In a series of replies on Twitter, Elon Musk discussed the possibilities of what could be developed on Ethereum with the blockchain’s very own founder Vitalik Buterin.

April 30
May 1

BitPay, Refundo Partner to Provide Bitcoin Tax Refunds

The announcement focused on the new Refundo product titled CoinRT, which allowed taxpayers to receive either a portion or all of their federal and state tax returns in Bitcoin.

Binance Hacked, Loses 7,000 BTC

The hackers used a variety of tactics, including phishing and viruses, before getting access to users’ API keys and two-factor authentication codes.

May 8
May 9

Reports Bitfinex Planning the Sale of $1 Billion Worth of LEO Tokens Appear

Founding partner of Primitive Ventures Dovey Wan shared the alleged at the time plans of the crypto exchange.

Bitfinex Publishes Official LEO Token Whitepaper

That confirmed the rumors from the previous day and also confirmed the cap of 1 billion USDT the exchange planned to raise in the LEO token IEO.

May 10
May 12

Ankr Migrates to Binance Chain

The goal of the shift was to bring additional liquidity to the token, including a unique three token type swap mechanism titled Ankr Triangle.

Mike Novogratz Bets on Web3.0, Not Bitcoin

The former Wall Street executive shared his thoughts on the crypto revolution, betting on web 3.0’s uprise and not so much on Bitcoin, though he is a well-known Bitcoin supporter.

May 14
May 15

Cryptopia Suspends Operations, Goes Into Liquidation

After a few months of trying to figure out how to save the exchange as a result of the January hack, the company called it quits and assigned Grant Thornton as the liquidator.

Chainlink Announces Mainnet Launch on Ethereum

The long-awaited Chainlink mainnet finally had a set launch date for the end of the month.

May 18
May 19

Huobi Announces Third IEO

After two very successful runs, Huobi set its sights on the Reserve Rights Token (RSR) as the third IEO to run on Huobi Prime.

Bittrex Announce Vodi X IEO

The mobile platform finally managed to reach a deal with an exchange for their IEO.

May 21
May 22

Bitfinex, Ethfinex Join the IEO Race

The new IEO platform was titled Tokinex and immediately scheduled an announcement for the first IEO on the following day.

Huobi Prime Third IEO Ends in Seconds

The Reserve IEO’s completion time rivaled that of the previous two IEOs on the platform – TOP Network and Newton Project.

May 22
May 22

Kraken Announces Fundraiser

The crypto exchange was looking to sell some of its company stock in a private sale.

AT&T Start Accepting Bill Payments in Crypto

The media and telecom giant became the first mobile carrier to accept cryptocurrency for payments, thanks to the integration with BitPay.

May 24
May 25

More Details Emerge on Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

At the time, the stablecoin was rumored to be called GlobalCoin.

ConsenSys Launches New Job Kit

The DApp Developer Job Kit was released with the goal of helping developers enter the growing blockchain market.

May 28
May 29

Binance CEO Sues Sequoia Capital

In a preventative lawsuit, Changpeng Zhao sued the venture capital firm for potential monetary losses caused by a previously failed deal.

Australian Securities & Investments Commission Release ICO Guidance

Seeing as ICOs are quite popular in the country, it was only natural for a governing body to issue legal guidance, trying to prevent investor fraud.

May 31
June 1

Yet Another Successful IEO on Binance Launchpad

The Harmony Protocol IEO didn’t break the successful streak of Binance’s IEO launchpad, later accounting for about 96% of Binance DEX’s trading volume.

Block.one Announces EOS-Based Social Media Platform

Titled Voice, the platform was announced during an event organized by Block.one at the DC Armory in Washington.

June 1
June 3

Tether Announces USDT for EOS

The company decided to continue spreading their stablecoin on other platforms, after seeing the huge success it had using the Omni Layer.

SEC Announce Kik Lawsuit

The $100 million ICO in 2017 caught the attention of the regulatory agency, prompting them to take action against what they called an unregistered securities sale.

June 6
June 6

LINE Pay, Visa Partner on Payment Solutions

The two companies announced their cooperation on developing blockchain-powered technologies such as B2B and cross-border-payments, and alternative currency transactions.

Facebook Officially Confirm Their Crypto Project

After months of speculation, the company finally announced that they will announce their own cryptocurrency by the end of the month.

June 7
June 7

Details About Facebook’s Libra Finally Emerge

Hours after the company’s official confirmation of their crypto project, people already knew that it was titled Libra and that it was going to be a global stablecoin.

Harmony Partners with Chainlink

The partnership complemented the highly scalable high-throughput network with off-chain data integrity guarantees.

June 8
June 11

Bittrex Advances in the IEO Race

Confirming the upcoming IEO of Standard Tokenization Protocol, the exchange officially entered the chase of tokenization supremacy.

Lightning Network Announces ‘Watchtowers’ in New Release

The anti-fraud functionality was to be added to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network in the next release.

June 13
June 14

Bloomberg, Reuters Announce Crypto Data Addition to Their Terminals

The data that would be used by the terminals was to be provided by Cryptoindex.com.

Binance Blocks Services for U.S. Customers

Due to regulation problems, the leading crypto exchange updated its Terms of Use agreement, in which it stated that it will lo longer be able to provide services to people in the United States.

June 14
June 15

Bittrex Delists Numerous Altcoins for U.S. Traders

As regulatory pressure mounted on crypto exchanges, a total of 42 different altcoins became unavailable for traders based in the United States.

Facebook Release Libra Whitepaper

After months of waiting, the crypto community finally got its first official glimpse of what Facebook’s new stablecoin was all about.

June 18
June 19

First Initial DEX Offering Concudes

The Raven Protocol successfully introduced and tested out the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) concept. The hard cap of $500,000 was reached almost instantly.

First Signs of Regulatory Pressure on Libra Appear

The U.S. Senate Banking Committee scheduled a hearing on the project for July 16.

June 21
June 21

Ripple Announce $50 Million Investment in MoneyGram

The investment deal came as a sequel to their previous 2018 partnership.

Binance Announce Another IEO

The high-speed and throughput blockchain Elrond, back then in testnet stage, was chosen as the next project to have its digital asset sold on Binance Launchpad.

June 23
June 25

J. P. Morgan Announces Trials of JPM Coin

The customer trials were to begin with several of its already-existing corporate clients, which remained unnamed at the time of the announcement.

Bitmain Renews IPO Plans

The company behind the most popular and successful crypto mining hardware again announced that they will be trying to do an IPO again, this time in the United States.

June 25
June 25

CoinEx Announces Own Chain, DEX

The crypto exchange announced that it has been working on its own blockchain for more than a year before Binance launched their own chain.

Bitrue Hacked, $4.2 Million Lost

The cryptocurrency exchange was very transparent about the situation, guaranteeing that customer funds will be restored with company assets.

June 27
June 30

Circle, Coinbase Form Consortium to Promote USDC

The two crypto giants announced their partnership with the goal of promoting the USDC stablecoin, reacting to the momentum that Libra had gained.

Binance Talks Listing Libra

The CSO of the company confirmed preliminary talks with Facebook about adding their recently-announced Libra stablecoin to Binance.

July 1
July 4

Big Wall Street Player Bets on Crypto

Billionaire Henry Kravis invested in a crypto fund managed by ParaFi Capital.

Libra Under Siege

The U.S. Congress requested that the company freeze development of Libra until they have had a chance to thoroughly review the project.

July 4
July 6

The FCA Proposes Ban on all Cryptocurrency-Related Products

The Financial Conduct Authority justified their move by saying that they were trying to protect investors.

Chinese Ponzi Scheme Steals More Than $30 Million, Victims Blame Tron

The scammers claimed official association with Tron and managed to get away with around $30 million worth of investor money. The victims blamed Tron and Justin Sun for not taking swifter action to stop the scheme.

July 8
July 11

Binance Launches 2.0 Platform, Margin Trading

Initially, margin trading became available across 6 cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, TRX, and USDT, with fees as low as 0.01%.

Bitpoint Suspends Services After Hack

A total of 3.5 billion yen worth of crypto was stolen from the exchange, 2.5 billion of which belonged to customers.

July 13
July 13

U.S. Senate Committee Approves Blockchain Promotion Act

The act is a bipartisan legislation that directs the Department of Commerce to come up with a definition of blockchain at the federal level.

Brave Reaches 200,000 Publishers

Amassed from popular platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo, and Reddit, the decentralized ad network surrounding Brave browser reached the 200,000 verified publishers milestone.

July 15
July 16

Libra Under Heavy Attack in Senate Hearing

Most senators raised concerns over Facebook’s repeated history of privacy issues and the resulting lack of trust by the general public.

Bitpoint Announces Reimbursement Program

After the exchange lost a lot of customer money in a hack, it vowed to cover 2.06 billion yen ($20 million) worth of customer losses with the company’s own assets.

July 18
July 18

Bulls on the Horizon

In just about 30 minutes, Bitcoin jumped from $9,300 to $10,400.

Chainalysis is Included in Forbes’ Next Billion-Dollar Startups List

The cyber security company focused on the crypto industry helps prevent crimes in the sector and also provides regulatory compliance services.

July 18
July 19

Zcash Splits

The new coin was named Ycash and went live immediately after the split from the main network.

KPMG, Microsoft, R3, Tomia Partner on Blockchain Telecom Solution

The solution would try to reduce the number of disputes, costs, and time involved in telecom settlements by leveraging the use of smart contracts.

July 22
July 26

Ripple Sells Over $250 Million in XRP in Q2 2019

In the company’s quarterly report, they reveal a massive 48% quarterly increase in XRP sold.

First SEC Approval of Ethereum-Based Tokens

Pocketful of Quarters became the first startup to receive the green light by the SEC to issue their ERC-20 Quarters tokens to the public.

July 31
August 2

Blockchain.com Announces The PIT

The blockchain giant announced its expansion into trading with its new crypto exchange, now rebranded into Blockchain Exchange.

Bitcoin.com Announce Fiat Gateway, Leadership Change

Stefan Rust replaced Roger Ver as CEO of the most premium domain name in crypto. Additionally, the website announced a full-fledged exchange and fiat gateway on the way.

August 3
Augutst 5

Litecoin Mining Reward Halves

As of block height 1,680,000, the Litecoin network lowered the mining block reward from 25 LTC to 12.5 LTC.

Binance Announces 8th IEO

The next IEO to try and break Binance Launchpad records was announced to be Perlin’s Wavelet, a high-throughput, quick-finality blockchain.

August 7
August 13

IBM Files for Blockchain-Based Web Browser Patent

The web browser was described as gathering pre-specified info from browsing session, which would then be transferred to a peer-to-peer network for storage.

New Zealand Makes Crypto Salaries Legal

The new ruling stated that employees could receive their salaries in crypto assets if they form part of their regular earnings.

August 13
August 14

Samsung Adds Support for Bitcoin to its Blockchain Keystore

The mobile mobile phones giant quietly added support for Bitcoin and Klaytn to its decentralized app store.

Google Cloud Partners with Cypherium

The new partnership allowed Google Cloud customers to have direct access to Cypherium’s blockchain platform.

August 15
August 19

Rakuten Wallet Adds Crypto Trading Support

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash were now able to be traded against the Japanese yen directly through Rakuten Wallet.

Kraken Announces Listing of BAT, WAVES

Deposits and withdrawals for the two tokens became available on 22 August.

August 21
August 23

Libra Members Begin Questioning Participation

At least three companies, two of which founding members of Libra, were holding discussions on what their “right next steps” should be.

Binance Announces Crypto Lending

Initially users were able to lend ETC, USDT, and BNB, on which they would earn interest.

August 26
August 31

Hedera Hashgraph Announces Mainnet Launch Date

The company set the long-awaited public mainnet launch for September 16.

European Central Bank Warns About Libra

Yves Mersch of the ECB warned that Facebook’s new stablecoin could affect banks’ ability to set monetary policies, hindering economics worldwide from functioning as they have.

September 2
September 4

Binance Acquires JEX

The acquisition aimed to provide Binance’s users with services such as futures contracts, options, and other derivative products offered by JEX’s trading platform.

NSA Announces Working on Quantum-Resistant crypto

The director of the NSA’s Cybersecurity Directorate, Anne Neuberger, made the comment at the 10th Annual Billington Cyber Security Summit in Washington.

September 5
September 6

Binance Announces BUSD Stablecoin Launch

Approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services, the long-awaited Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoin will be a collaboration with trust company Paxos and backed by USD on a 1:1 ratio.

MERJ Launches 1st Tokenized IPO

The company became the first national stock exchange to sell tokenized shares to investors.

September 10
September 12

France Pressures Libra

The French Economy and Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, said that Libra could pose a threat to the sovereignty of national currencies.

Santander Digitizes $20 Million Bond Trade on Ethereum

The company used an Ethereum token to depict a $20 million debt issuance and settled it with other ERC-20 tokens that depict cash held in a custody account.

September 16
September 19

LINE Launches Bitmax

The new crypto exchange obtained a cryptocurrency exchange license to operate in Japan and became available for the 81 million, at the time, Japan-based users of LINE’s popular messaging app.

Germany Approves Strategy for Exploring Valuable Blockchain Use Cases

The program came out after extensive talks which engaged 158 professionals and company representatives.

September 20
September 21

Verizon Awarded Blockchain-Based vSIM Patent

The telecommunications giant experimented replacing traditional physical SIM cards with a software version, secured with blockchain-based encryption.

Binance Receives International Recognized ISA

The company received the reputable ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

September 24
September 25

Bakkt Launches

The long-awaited Intercontinental Exchange-backed BTC warehouse finally launched after months of speculations and delays, executing the first bitcoin futures trade at a price of $10,115.

Kik Messaging Shuts Down

After 18 months of back-and-forth with the SEC, the company had no other choice but to streamline operations and focus on the legal battle with the regulatory agency.

September 25
September 26

Daimler Conduct First Transaction on Marco Polo

The transaction between Daimler and Dürr included an order and delivery agreement, with the payment being secured by a conditional payment commitment from Daimler’s bank.

Ripple’s Xpring Acquires Logos Network

The acquisition had the goal of expanding the ecosystem around XRP by building DeFi products.

September 27
September 28

Malware Using Telegram to Swap Wallet Addresses Identified

The “Masad Clipper and Stealer” clipping option worked with a number of cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, and others.

EOS Reaches $24 Million Settlement with SEC

The settlement defined the original ERC-20 EOS token as a security, but did not extend to the current EOS token.

October 1
October 2

Skale Network Raises $17.1 Million for Mainnet Launch

The Ethereum-compatible blockchain scalability platform amassed 40 investors from the U.S., EU, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

PayPal Backs Out of Libra

Amanda Coffee, a spokeswoman for PayPal, confirmed that the company had withdrawn form the Libra Association.

October 5
October 9

UNICEF Launches Crypto Fund

The announcement made UNICEF the first U.N. organization that could receive and distribute BTC and ETH donations in support of open source technology.

Swiss Central Bank Announces CBDC Research Efforts

The Swiss National Bank would work together with the SIX Digital Exchange to explore how central bank digital currencies (CBDC) can be integrated into a DLT platform.

October 9
October 11

SEC Rejects Bitwise’s Bitcoin ETF Proposal

The reason behind the rejection was that NYSE Arca did not meet the requirements to prevent market manipulation and other illicit activities.

First Regulated ICO Portal in Thailand

SE Digital instantly planned the launch of its first token offering, with a funding goal of $98 million.

October 11
October 11

Libra in Trouble

Following in the footsteps of PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, eBay, Stripe, and Mercado Pago withdrew from the project.

SEC Deems Telegram’s ICO Unlawful

The agency claimed that Telegram failed to provide investors with required info regarding the GRM token and blocked the digital asset from use in the U.S..

October 12
October 16

Libra Association Holds Inaugural Meeting

21 organizations signed the Libra Association charter, while also naming its five member board of directors.

Bermuda Starts Accepting USDC for Tax Payments

This made the second most popular stablecoin available for use by more than 60,000 residents of the island nation, helping them pay for taxes, fees, and other government services.

October 17
October 19

Kik Sells Messaging App

Even though the app was to be shut down because of the U.S. SEC lawsuit, it continued to operate under new ownership, the holding company MediaLab.

PeerNova Raises $31 Million

With the help of Overstock’s VC arm, the company successfully completed its Series B funding round, totaling its fundraising to $74 million.

October 23
October 25

China Calls for Accelerated Blockchain Adoption

Speaking at a Politburo Committee session, the Chinese President said that blockchain technology is key to promoting technological innovation.

China Passes Cryptography Law

The new law aimed to set standards for the application of cryptography in the country, and also to tackle regulatory and legal challenges.

October 26
October 31

Bitmain Files for U.S. IPO, Backed by Deutsche Bank

In order to increase its chances of a U.S. listing, the company hired a former Nasdaq representative.

Stellar Burns $4.7 Billion Worth of XLM

Out of the 105 billion XLM tokens that were in existence at the time, the Stellar Development Foundation decided to destroy 55 billion of its own tokens.

November 5
November 9

Tencent Receives License to Operate a Blockchain Bank

General manager Weige Cai announced the news in a keynote speech at the Wuzhen blockchain conference.

Russia Proceeds with Crypto Confiscation Laws

The laws that will allow confiscation of digital assets should come into action in 2021.

November 11
November 11

Singapore’s Central Bank, J. P. Morgan Reveal Payments System

The new prototype platform was developed to enable payments denominated in different currencies.

Bakkt Launches Custodial Services

After receiving the green light from the N.Y. Department of Financial Services, Bakkt opened its custody services to its entire client base.

November 12
November 12

HTC Releases Binance Chain-Enabled Smartphone

The Exodus 1 Binance Edition would integrate its native crypto wallet app with Binance DEX.

Brave Releases 1.0 Version

After years of development, the innovative browser finally released its 1.0 version.

November 15
November 21

Bitfinex, ODEM Partner on Blockcahin Education

ODEM will not only launch a full simulation of its education marketplace, but will also release educational courses for Bitfinex users.

E.U. Reveals €400 Million Blockchain, AI investment Fund

A total of €100 million were put together for the investment scheme, while another €300 million came from private investors.

November 22
November 22

OneCoin Lawyer Found Guilty

Mark Scott allegedly got paid $50 million to help Ruja Ignatova launder $400 million, for which he is now facing 50 years in jail.

Algorand 2.0 Goes Live

With DeFi features and smart contracts, the new blockchain protocol upgrade also added new capabilities into Layer-1, such as standardized asset creation and atomic transfers.

November 23
November 25

New Binance launchpad IEO Announced

Troy Trade would try to raise $4 million through its token sale, for which it allocated 8% of its total supply.

Ripple Completes $50 Million MoneyGram Investment Commitment

Ripple now owned nearly 10% of the company’s outstanding common stock.

November 26
November 27

BitBay Delists Monero

Estonia-based BitBay stopped all XMR deposits to its platform on 29 November, and will completely delist the coin on 19 February, 2020, largely due to money laundering concerns.

World Chess Issues Hybrid Tokens

Qualified investors from the U.S and E.U. were able to buy the World Chess digital token, which was convertible to IPO shares.

November 27
November 27

Quantstamp Wins Blockchain Cybersecurity Award

Disruptor Daily organized the awards with the goal to profile companies providing practical blockchain-based cybersecurity tools.

Uptbit Hacked, Loses $50 Million

Upbit quickly confirmed that the 342,000 ETH that were transferred from its wallet to an unknown ethereum address was in fact a theft.

November 27
December 1

CipherTrace Reports Crypto Crime Losses up to $4.4 Billion

Just two fraudulent activities in 2019 amounted to more than $3 billion is losses for investors.

Binance Acquires DappReview

DappReview maintained its independence from Binance, and will continue to provide data analytics, user insights and information for over 3,900 dapps.

December 3
December 3

Steemit Releases Token Launching Protocol

The new Smart Media Tokens allow users to build their own cryptocurrency on top of the Steemit blockchain.

Bakkt CEO Appointed as New U.S. Senator

Replacing Sen. Johnny Isakson, who retired at the end of the year, Kelly Loeffler stepped down as CEO of Bakkt and took office on 1 January 2020.

December 5
December 7

Microsoft Partners with Enjin

Not long after the announcement, the price of ENJ skyrocketed.

China’s Central Bank Announces Real-World Trial of its Digital Currency

The People’s Bank of China would start trials of its digital currency in Shenzhen and Suzhou.

December 9
December 10

Japanese Banks Eyeing J. P. Morgan’s Blockchain Payment Network

More than 80 banks in the land of the rising sun intend to join J.P. Morgan’s Interbank Information Network.

Chainalysis Delivers AML Compliance Solution to Bitfinex

The company expanded its coverage and now screens 41 cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and ERC-20 tokens.

December 14
December 14

VeChain Foundation Hacked, Loses $6.6 Million

Around 1.1 billion VET tokens were stolen from the foundation’s buyback wallet.

R3’s Marco Polo Completes Largest Trade Finance Trial

The blockchain-based trade finance consortium claimed to have completed more than 700 funding requests.

December 16
December 19

Ponzi Scheme Blamed for Bitcoin Downtrend

In an in-depth report, Chainalysis alleged the $2 billion PLUS token Ponzi scheme as the cause for the crypto market downtrend at the time.

Maker Focuses on Asia Market

Selling $27.5 million worth of MKR to two crypto investment funds, which represents 5.5% of the total supply of the Maker token, the company solidified its foothold in Asia.

December 20
December 21

Ripple Raises $200 Million

In a Series C funding round led by Tetragon, the company raised capital from companies such as SBI Holdings and Route 66 Ventures.

Blockchain Innovations Award Presented to Intel, Leidos, First Genesis

The winning entry was selected from among nine other submissions focusing on resolving governmental issues.

December 24
December 27

Zcoin Launches Decentralized Crowdfunding System

The new funding model was titled the Zcoin Crowdfunding System and would begin funding for basic project tasks such as community management.

Huobi Japan Raises $4.6 Million

The company also issued new stocks to Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings over private placement.

December 27
December 29

South Korea Announces CBDC Task Force

To be established in 2020, the task force will consist of a team of experts who will focus on studying the effects of central bank digital currencies on local economies.


2019 came and went, marking an important transition period for blockchain. As the industry recovers from the slump that was 2018, we are looking towards a hopeful 2020, one that would advance blockchain innovation even more and one that would see the crypto market further mature, finally capturing the attention and respect of the broader financial world.