Why Are You Still Not Using Brave Browser?

Since the release of Brave 1.0 less than a month ago, the browser's monthly active users have jumped 19% to 10.4 million.

Daily active users on the other hand have tripled over the course of 2019, reaching a respectable 3.3 million.

Brave YouTube channel

With features such as improved privacy and strong security out of the box, Brave is gradually amassing userbase.

Its main competitors, Chrome and Safari, are lacking in upgrades matching new user demands.

Brave YouTube channel

The Brave Rewards feature reimagines advertising, rewarding advertisers, publishers and users with BAT tokens.

With improved page load times, strong focus on privacy, and ad blockers enabled by default, Brave provides a sense of a better internet.

Brave YouTube channel

The reimagined features of the browser are all built with the future of the internet in mind.

That is to prepare it to cope with growing user demands, such as dapp interaction, digital asset management, and seamless security.

The explosive growth of the Brave userbase over the course of 2019 clearly shows a flourishing interest in what the browser offers, confirming the idea that we really do deserve a better internet.