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On November 11, TOMIA, a company specializing in connectivity optimization solutions, partnered with Clear in order to create a new roaming management, reconciliation, and settlement platform, that will offer telecoms increased savings and efficiency.

According to the announcement, TOMIA will upgrade its roaming deal management and partner settlement applications to fit the needs of various blockchain workflows, and ensure a smooth collaboration with industry partners. Clear’s blockchain solution will further contribute to the creation of a “wholesale roaming deal management and settlement solution,” which will serve both blockchain and non-blockchain operators.

Marco Limena, CEO of TOMIA, stated that the partnership is bringing something the telecommunications industry “has wanted for sime time”. This includes reducing costs, bettering time management, and improving cost-effectiveness.


Moreover, Clear will collaborate with TOMIA on the development of a joint blockchain-based solution, which is said to enhance the current service offerings of both parties. Clear’s B2B-oriented automation processes aims to reduce disputes and create a more cooperative and frictionless ecosystem by helping enterprises transition to modern settlement and clearing systems.

Currently, Clear is engaging in various activities connected to contract automation, data management, and privacy preservation of networks. The company will seek to find more implementations of TOMIA’s solutions into its products to continue to build up its range of options and provide a more thorough set of services to its customers.

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