Decentralized applications built for Ethereum will also be able to run on the Telegram Open Network’s (TON) blockchain, news outlet CoinDesk reported on 30 August.

According to the report, a software startup, managed by investors in Telegram’s token sale, TON Labs, is building a Solidity compiler for the TON blockchain. The compiler will allow decentralized applications written in Solidity, a programming language which is mainly used to develop smart contracts for the Ethereum network, to also run on the TON blockchain. Alexander Filatov, TON Labs CEO and Managing Partner, said:

“That was probably the most difficult thing we built. It will allow the advanced Ethereum community to pull everything they wrote for ethereum into TON.”


The compiler is only one of the tools that TON Labs is building in order to improve the TON ecosystem, and even though it was not said if any changes would be needed to the Solidity code for it to run on the TON blockchain, the compiler has been in testing since July.

The code needed to run a node on TON will also be released soon according to an anonymous investor, which will probably be one of the last tests that will be done before the network’s full release. Filatov also said:

“We have very little time between the node release and the mainnet launch to test, identify and fix possibly bugs and vulnerabilities.”