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Circle and Coinbase Form a Consortium to Promote USDC

  • Centre's main goal is to develop and support the USD Coin infrastructure, community and adoption.
  • Circle and Coinbase are looking for new members in their consortium.
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J.P. Morgan Will Begin Customer Trials of Its “JPM Coin”

  • J.P. Morgan Chase will reportedly start trials of its "JPM Coin" with several of its corporate clients, which remain unnamed.
  • The "JPM Coin" was revealed in mid February, with the coin being presented as a stablecoin tethered to the U.S. dollar.
A Regulated, Bitcoin Cash-Based, USD-Backed Stablecoin Has Been Released

A Regulated, Bitcoin Cash-Based, USD-Backed Stablecoin Has Been Released

  • A new regulated stablecoin has been created, this time it uses the Bitcoin Cash blockchain as its host.
  • The backing technology is the Simple Ledger Protocol, also chosen by Alliance Cargo Direct and Liberland for their own respective tokens.
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New Details Around Facebook’s Secretive Blockchain Project Have Emerged

  • The secret project is presumably called "Libra".
  • It is expected to be a stablecoin backed by multiple fiat coins, running a node might be subject to a $10,000,000 fee.
Facebook to Announce Its Own Cryptocurrency

Facebook to Announce Its Own Cryptocurrency

  • Facebook will reveal their own cryptocurrency this month.
  • Facebook employees will have the opportunity to receive their salary via the new cryptocurrency.
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Tether Announces USDT on the EOS Blockchain

  • Tether is going to issue USDT tokens on the EOS blockchain.
  • Thanks to the high-speed nature of EOS, this new version of the stablecoin could become the most convenient one for traders.
Facebook to Release its Own Cryptocurrency in 2020

Facebook to Release its Own Cryptocurrency in 2020

  • The cryptocurrency will supposedly be called GlobalCoin and will be of the stablecoin type.
  • Tests will begin by the end of this year and the digital asset is expected to be launched in a "dozen countries" by Q1 2020.
The building of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

The Bank of Russia to Consider a Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency for Mutual Settlements

  • The Bank of Russia will consider issuing a gold-backed cryptocurrency to facilitate international settlements, local news agency TASS reported on May 23.
  • The consideration of a gold-backed cryptocurrency is perhaps surprising, considering that Russia has been famously anti-crypto in the past years.
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European Central Bank: Cryptocurrencies Pose No Threat to Financial Stability

The European Central Bank (ECB) has publicly stated that cryptocurrencies do not have implications on monetary policy...
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Bitfinex Allegedly Used Tether Funds to Cover $850 Million Loss

The New York Attorney General's office has alleged that cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has lost $850 million, and...