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TokenSoft Introduces Self-Managed Investment Accounts Platform for Security Tokens

  • The new platform will be very convenient to use and will also provide compliant security token standards.
  • With time all TokenSoft customers' security tokens will be supported with preference to issuer/investor demands.

World Chess Issues “Hybrid” Tokens, Convertible to IPO Shares

  • Qualified investors from the U.S and E.U. have been able to buy the World Chess digital token since Friday.
  • Following the IPO, investors can either convert their tokens into shares, or privately trade them with other investors.

Zilliqa & MaiCoin Team up to Create a Security Token Exchange

  • Hg Exchange will be the name of a centralized security token exchange, a joint venture of crypto startups Zilliqa and MaiCoin.
  • The exchange is said to be the first "member-driven exchange" in southeast Asia, seeking to bridge the gap between the blockchain space and traditional financial assets.