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IBM Open to Working with Facebook on Blockchain Technology

  • IBM are interested in tokenization of digital assets, not so much in cryptocurrencies.
  • A collaboration with Facebook is a possibility, according to Jason kelley, IBM's blockchain general manager.

Barclays May Have Cut Ties With Coinbase

  • This breakup may have been the reason Coinbase lost access to the U.K. Faster Payments Scheme (FPS).
  • Industry sources have said that the exchange found a replacement in ClearBank, which is expected to restore Coinbase's access to FPS by the end of this year's Q3.

Shinhan Bank Teams up with GroundX on a Blockchain-Based Security System

  • The bank signed a memorandum of understanding with blockchain developer Hexlant and financial technology startup GroundX.
  • GroundX will provide the underlying blockchain-based platform, while Hexlant is in charge of creating an infrastructure.

KPMG Partners with Microsoft, R3, Tomia on Blockchain Telecom Solution

  • KPMG'S blockchain solution will try to reduce the number of disputes, costs, and time involved in telecom settlements through the use of smart contracts.
  • A study shows that the estimated cost of international mobile data roaming fees could reach $31billion in 2022.

Coinfirm Partners with Ripple to Investigate XRP’s Compliance With AML Provisions

  • The new partnership will see Coinfirm investigate how the XRP cryptocurrency is being used, and rate their risk level for AML compliance reasons.
  • Coinfirm will also try to identify if a transaction has passed through a "mixer", and if the funds are coming from a known theft or hack.

Ground X Raises $90 Million in a Private Token Sale

  • According to Jason Han, CEO of Ground X, some of the participants in this ICO round included firms such as IDG Capital, Crescendo Equity Partners, and Translink Capital.
  • According to Bloomberg, Ground X has already partnered with 26 companies that plan to run their applications on Klaytn, the firm's proprietary blockchain network.

Roger Ver Becomes an Advisor of Ethereum-Based Liven ICO

  • Early Bitcoin investor and controversial Bitcoin Cash evangelist Roger Ver is not shying away from supporting any type of cryptocurrency he considers fit for purpose.
  • Liven describe themselves as "an existing mobile payment and loyalty platform for the food and beverage industry that seeks to solve fundamental problems.

A Partnership Between Fabric Token and Bounty0x Makes Running an ICO Simpler

  • Fabric Token-powered web application TokenGen has received its 4.3 update, which includes Bounty0x integration, following a partnership between the two ICO-funded projects.
  • This partnership will allow TokenGen users to automate the majority of tedious ICO-related work at low cost, and instead focus on the perfect business plan, their actual products, and their marketing.

News of MimbleWimble Support And Beam Partnership Result In Litecoin Price Hike

  • Litecoin holders will be happy to see that the coin has pumped more than 20% within a single day.
  • After a successful rebrand, Litecoin devs have been eagerly working towards removing the stigma of being a copy+paste coin, or a monetized bitcoin mainnet.

Tezos Korea Foundation Announces Partnership With Yonsei University

  • Blockchain-related education is rapidly gaining steam.
  • Tezos Korea Foundation, which is the Korean branch of the larger Tezos Foundation, has signed a┬áMemorandum of Understanding with Seoul's Yonsei University.