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Cryptocurrency Spot Trading Now Available Through Rakuten Wallet

  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash can now be traded against the Japanese Yen through Rakuten Wallet.
  • The company has claimed that there will be no fees for making trades or deposits and that its services will be available 24 hours a day.

TaaS Fund Releases Its Final Quarterly Report, Asset Distribution is Scheduled for Mid May

  • The first tokenised hedge fund which yielded dividends in Ethereum is closing down.
  • Rough estimations by community members show expectations of around 0.0054 ETH per TaaS token.

Hacked Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptopia Suspends Trading and Goes Into Liquidation

  • Grant Thornton, the liquidator assigned by Cryptopia, has announced the bad news.
  • David Ruscoe, assigned to investigate the situation, added that, due to the complexities involved, the investigation could take "months rather than weeks".

Elon Musk Shows Interest in Developing on Ethereum

  • Vitalik replied with a series of five tweets detailing his top use cases for ETH, among which was a “globally accessible financial system, including payments, store of value, and also more advanced stuff like insurance”.
  • Earlier this year Musk, the most popular Silicon Valley superstar, also appeared in an episode of ARK Invest's FYI podcast, where the conversation veered away from Tesla and into crypto.

BlockFi is Now Managing Over $53 Million of Crypto Deposits

  • The company, which was able to gather $18 million of Bitcoin and Ethereum for the past month, has announced its intention to implement some policy changes starting May 1.
  • As a result of dropping demand to borrow ETH, BlockFi will also be lowering the maximum balance for which it pays 6.2% annual interest on Ethereum from 500 ETH to 250 ETH.

Cryptopia Sheds Light on the Amount of Funds Stolen by Hackers

  • More than six weeks have passed since the Christchurch-based exchange was hacked, with plenty of speculation about the severity of the situation.
  • Elementus estimated that the stolen cryptocurrencies were worth around $16,000,000, less than 20% of which was in Ethereum.

Vitalik Buterin Discloses Cryptocurrency Portfolio

  • In a recent AMA on reddit, Vitalik Buterin disclosed his own coin holdings.
  • Neither his tokens of ICO-funded startups nor the actual coins in his portfolio are worth more than 10% of his Ethereum stack.

Opera For Android Paves The Way For Further Cryptocurrency Adoption

  • Users of the Android version of the Opera web browser can now easily purchase Ethereum.
  • A partnership by Opera and European crypto exchange Safello has resulted in a potential introduction of cryptocurrencies to millions of active users.

Ethereum Leads the Way as Markets Begin Timid Recovery

  • All major cryptocurrencies saw their prices jump today, with Ethereum being a top gainer, going from $118 to $129.
  • Tronix, Cardano and Monero also manage to jump more than 5%, although in Monero's case this still does little to make up for the coin being a top 3 worst performer this past week, behind Bitcoin Cash and IOTA.

Cryptopia Announces Security Breach, Goes Offline

  • At the time of writing, the website is still in maintenance mode, as the larger community is looking for hints to determine the magnitude of the problem.
  • The most suspicious finds are a $2,500,000 Ethereum transaction and a large CENNZ transaction - at the time of writing the tokens transacted are worth more than 1 million US dollars.