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Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore Now Offering 17 DApps

  • Since its introduction in March, the number of dApps on Samsung's Blockchain Keystore has increased from four to seventeen.
  • Even though Samsung was the first to create its own wallet, its competitors LG and Apple have hinted their intentions to follow suit.

Ankr Migrates to Binance Chain’s BEP-2 Format

  • This shift of the token will bring additional liquidity but more importantly, will present a one of a kind 3 token type swap mechanism, called the Ankr Triangle.
  • A number of tokens already embraced the BEP-2 token format as Binance Chain is becoming a preferred option for an increasing number of blockchain companies.

Cryptocurrency Communities – Which Have Remained the Most Active (Part 3 of 4)

  • The ability of blockchains to scale has been improved during the last few years, thanks to a number of technological advancements.
  • Crypto-communities on blockchain based social media apps are a rare sight. However, having people become the first users of a new social media application is a clear indication of community enthusiasm.