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United Arab Emirates Are Using Blockchain For Their Health Data Platform

  • Blockchains have the ability to prevent data theft, while also allowing access to essential data when necessary.
  • The UAE have implemented a blockchain solution for their health data platform, following Estonia's positive example.

Telegram’s TON Blockchain on Track for Late October Launch

  • Investors in the ICO need to provide Telegram with their public keys so they can receive their Gram (GRM) tokens.
  • The TON blockchain is geared to support Ethereum DApps out-of-the-box.

Ant Financial to Develop Agricultural Blockchain with Bayer

  • The two firms have signed a letter of intent during this year's Apsara Conference in Hangzhou, China.
  • The blockchain-based agricultural system will try to improve farmers' incomes, increase efficiency, and help the digitization of agriculture.

IBM Open to Working with Facebook on Blockchain Technology

  • IBM are interested in tokenization of digital assets, not so much in cryptocurrencies.
  • A collaboration with Facebook is a possibility, according to Jason kelley, IBM's blockchain general manager.

FDA Could Use Blockchain for Medical Reviews and Recalls

  • The agency is planning to use AI, APIs, and blockchain tech in order to improve interoperability.
  • The improved surveillance of medical products will also assist in "determining when something should be recalled or a product label should be adjusted".

Moscow Looking to Develop a Blockchain-Based System for the City’s Services

  • Developers will have 60 days from signing the agreement to develop an Ethereum-based system for the city's services.
  • The platform should be able to integrate with Moscow's other blockchain experiments.

SK Group is Working on a Blockchain-Based Donation Platform

  • A local report shares some technical information on the upcoming platform and tokens.
  • SK Group is not new to the blockchain world as they’ve been very involved in developing blockchain solutions for a while now.

New Jersey’s Blockchain Initiative Signed by the Governor and Turned Into a Law

  • The legislation aims to strengthen the state’s innovation economy, as stated by officials.
  • The Task Force will consist of 14 members and will have 180 days to present a study to the governor.

IBM Has Filed for a Blockchain-Based Web Browser Patent

  • The web browser will gather pre-specified information from browsing sessions, which will then be transferred to a peer-to-peer network for on-chain storage.
  • The filing also shows that a token has been included in the model, and it will be used to verify a user's browsing session, as it is packaged into blocks on the network.

New IBM Blockchain Project Backed up by Big Names in the Business

  • Trust Your Supplier accompanies IBM’s rewarding track-and-trace supply and logistics blockchain consortia, encompassing TradeLens and Food Trust.
  • IBM Blockchain general manager commented the strengths, plans and ideas hovering around the new activity.