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China Discloses More Than 500 Enterprise Blockchain Projects

  • With President Xi Jinping’s blessing, the Chinese government is involved in many blockchain projects part of the list.
  • Some of the biggest Chinese technology and retail enterprises are competing to offer the most advanced blockchain cloud services.

Is Jack Ma’s Concern About the Lack of Innovation in Europe Well Founded?

  • Creating a billion-dollar company in an already saturated niche takes immense work ethic and dedication and is an exceptional achievement worthy of praise and admiration.
  • Less than 12% of unicorn startups are based in Europe, and nearly all of them are regional alternatives to already established US or China-based innovators.

Alibaba’s Ant Financial Back $10 Million Round for ZKP Blockchain Privacy Solutions Firm

  • QEDIT was the company raising funds in a Series A round, led by Chinese business titans.
  • QEDIT focuses on developing privacy solutions with zero knowledge proof (ZKP) technology.