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New Jersey’s Blockchain Initiative Signed by the Governor and Turned Into a Law

  • The legislation aims to strengthen the state’s innovation economy, as stated by officials.
  • The Task Force will consist of 14 members and will have 180 days to present a study to the governor.

Shell Sees Opportunities in Blockchain Technology

  • Shell blockchain tech lead Sabine Brink mentions several possible use cases.
  • Shell is also using the EW Chain, created by the Energy Web Foundation (EWF), in their production environment.

Brave Browser Publishers Reach The 200,000 Milestone

  • Popular publishers from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo, and Reddit, as well as websites such as WikiHow, Chess.com, and many others, are joining in.
  • Youtube accounts are leading the way with sixfold growth over the past 6 months.

Litecoin ranked ‘Excellent’ in Adoption and Investment Return

  • Litecoin ranked highly by the respected Weiss Ratings.
  • The Litecoin Foundation has valuable partnerships and new goals ahead.

J.P. Morgan Will Begin Customer Trials of Its “JPM Coin”

  • J.P. Morgan Chase will reportedly start trials of its "JPM Coin" with several of its corporate clients, which remain unnamed.
  • The "JPM Coin" was revealed in mid February, with the coin being presented as a stablecoin tethered to the U.S. dollar.

Bloomberg and Reuters will Add Crypto Data to their Terminals

  • Bloomberg and Reuters will soon include cryptocurrency data by Cryptoindex.com in their terminals.
  • This follows the addition of coinmarketcap data last week.

Space Misfits Becomes the First Blockchain-Powered Open-World MMORPG

  • Enjin is a blockchain-powered PaaS which offers gamers true ownership of in-game items, fraud prevention and numerous other benefits.
  • The first MMORPG utilising Enjin's technological advantages - Space Misfits - has just launched its alpha version.

Travel Booking Platform Travala.com Partners with Bitcoin.com

  • Travala.com is a blockchain-friendly travel booking platform.
  • Bitcoin.com's wallet downloads have just recently surpassed 4 million downloads, offering a significant user base boost to Travala.

AT&T Now Accepts Bill Payments in Crypto via BitPay

  • AT&T, a United States media and telecom giant, has become the first mobile carrier to accept cryptocurrency for phone bills payments, the company announced in a press release on 23 May.
  • This is not the first time the telecommunications giant has delved in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The Bank of Russia to Consider a Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency for Mutual Settlements

  • The Bank of Russia will consider issuing a gold-backed cryptocurrency to facilitate international settlements, local news agency TASS reported on May 23.
  • The consideration of a gold-backed cryptocurrency is perhaps surprising, considering that Russia has been famously anti-crypto in the past years.