Illustration of the Opera logo
Illustration of the Opera logo in nature. GoodFon

Opera has released a new version of its web browser for Android, which now has Bitcoin (BTC) e-commerce and TRON (TRX) integration, the company announced in a blog post on 22 October.

The browsers’ users can now add a BTC and TRX card into the built-in crypto wallet, which already supports Ethereum (ETH), that will let them keep track of the cryptocurrency they own.

The new functionality will allow users to directly send and receive BTC from the browser, and to interact with dapps on the TRON blockchain.


It will also enable them to make goods and services purchases from websites using cryptocurrency.

The Head of Crypto at Opera, Charles Hamel, commented on the new feature:

“We believe that opening our browser to more blockchains, including Bitcoin, is the logical next step to making our solution more relevant to anyone who has a Bitcoin crypto wallet and would like to do things with their cryptocurrencies beyond just keeping them in an account.”

The BTC and TRX integration was first announced in July 2019, when the browser introduced it to its beta version for Android.

Even though Opera was launched as a research project over 20 years ago, the browser remains the only one that has a digital wallet integration.

The Opera crypto wallet was first introduced in July 2018, but then it only supported ETH, and Ethereum decentralized apps.

In February 2019, the Norway-based web browser partnered up with regulated crypto brokerage Safello to sell Scandinavians ETH with a 5% discount.