New Merchant & Developer Tools Available for Bitcoin's Lightning Network

Blockchain-based firm Bitfury has released a set of tools aimed at improving the adoption rates of Bitcoin’s lightning network.

This Wednesday, Bitfury announced a detailed list of products that will support the technology, which is still under development. On this list was an open-source lightning wallet as well as hardware and software tools for merchants, including payment processors to accept payments.

The company also released developer tools and a public node called “The Preach”, which lets Bitcoin users create payment channels. This software bundle is designed with the sole purpose of making the lightning network easier to use.

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Valery Vavilov, CEO of Bitfury, said in a statement:

“By providing these products to the market, Bitfury is encouraging worldwide adoption of this technology and providing unparalleled support to consumers and merchants.”

The company also announced that they have integrated Bitcoin lightning technology for use on the BTCBIT exchange. As stated, users of the exchange can now “benefit from faster, lower-cost payments”.

While Bitfury is mostly known for manufacturing custom mining hardware such as the “Clarke” ASIC chip, the company is now anxsiously looking to get into the software side of the blockchain industry.